9 Tips and ways to entertain your children outside

The great opportunity of the holidays is to have shared with the family, some of us had the company of our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great friends.

I call it Vitamin Fways to entertain your children outside 1 (Family), it’s that vitamin that is contagious, that makes us remember the pranks and the thousands of adventures every time we went outside to play.

The pandemic still doesn’t want to get away from us, that’s why electronic devices have a lot of power to distract our children at home.

Many grandparents and aunts and uncles probably created an incognita in our children, so that they want to discover the fascinating world that awaits them outside.

 Here are 9 proven tricks that will get them outside and playing

1.- Be prepared for the weather, so you can bring appropriate clothing for your kids, insect repellent, hats, umbrellas, boots, etc. Better to be forewarned, so we will avoid any weather surprises.

2 .- The time of the pandemic has made it clear that the use of alcohol to disinfect hands and games is already part of our routine.

3.- Teach them that it is normal if they get dirty and wet, it is part of the fun.

4.- When children are very young it is important to carry small toys in a bag, extra clothes, and wipes for any eventuality.

5.-Sing songs from when you were young, this way you will be more at ease and you will teach your children other genders of music. They will love to dance and sing along to your favorite songs.

6.-Have a picnic dinner at the beach, the park, or in your backyard, for example, Spimbey offers different types of playsets but the larger one has an amazing lemonade stand attached to it, I know for sure your kids will enjoy it.

7.-Invite your kids’ friends over after school for a game of soccer or baseball or if your kid prefers you can create an afternoon tea party with her dolls.

8.-Visit places near your city, visit aquariums, zoos, museums, the planetarium, find your favorite place. Even go to the city where you grew up and visit your favorite place and where you used to play with your siblings or friends.

9.- Depending on the season you can go to pick some seasonal fruit, teach them the names of the trees, pick up leaves or stones, so you can paint and decorate them at home.

Go outside in the backyard and play. Give them balls, sidewalk chalk, buckets.

Classic games like treasure hunting, grocery store, and let them get creative.

ways to entertain your children outside 2

Tips from Maria Sol, our Mom Author.

As parents, we are committed to giving the best of ourselves to our children such as their health, education, and the experience of enjoying nature and all the good things that the earth provides, so we must teach them to care for and love it. 

I know that you will be giving them what is most valuable to you, your love, and your time. Enjoy entertaining outside and make your own anecdotes and adventures.

It is those memories that will live forever in them and will be the ones that will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. 

Last but not least, take a piece of paper before 2021 is over. Imagine a sunny day with your family while having fun in your own backyard with Spimbey. Spending time with your family and planning activities for kids should be written on that piece of paper.

Board games, scavenger hunts and other ways to keep our kids entertained

          Have an amazing time with your family…

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