How to Help your Children find the Motivation to do Homework.

Let us face it, sometimes, motivation to do homework can be hard to come by. But besides that, we live in an era that puts a lot of distractions in front of us, and our children suffer from that as well.

No matter if it is in high schools with social media or younger kids with TV shows or video games. Different age groups suffer from this particular situation when we are constantly being bombarded with bright screens.

Nevertheless, it is important to teach our children how to stay motivated since that will help them reach their goals in the long run. We will share some tips you can follow to help your children find motivation every time schoolwork comes.

First of all, let us try to find out the reason behind the problem.

One of the first things we need to question is if the homework your children have to do is perhaps too complicated for them. Finding motivation can be even harder if the thing we must do is more than we can take.

Maybe your children have too much homework from different courses, so they feel overwhelmed.

Maybe the designated area to do schoolwork is filled with distractions.

Have you established a routine to deliver homework on time?

Do they always start working at the same time?

Try to focus your attention on those details to see if there is a problem beyond the lack of motivation that we may not be seeing it. Sometimes, it is not as easy as a “stop procrastinating” type of situation.

We must analyze the different scenarios to come up with the proper strategies to battle this and help our children in the best way possible.

Once you have done a thorough analysis of the probable reasons behind the problem, here are some basic guidelines you can follow.

Implement play breaks.

Several scientific studies support the implementation of play breaks as an effective strategy to boost the “time on task” of children and adolescents.

When children have time to play or simply distract themselves for short periods of time between classes or different homework, they are more likely to stay focused later when they have to go back and finish the work.

This particular strategy can help you put extra spice into homework time. Implement a 15-minute break every hour and use a Spimbey playset to achieve the goal of maximal fun.

If your children know that they will get to play even during homework, they will face the activity with greater motivation.

Use positive reinforcement.

Ensuring self-esteem: most children with these characteristics are convinced that they have little chance of success and, consequently, they often think and act in such a way as to avoid an effort they consider useless.

It is our job to help them change their perceptions and attributions to others. Use positive reinforcement, praising as much as possible, but with sincerity, without false exaggeration. At specific moments, material reinforcement can be used (toys, treats of some kind, and so on).

Set goals that are simple and easy to comply with and cheer them up at every stage of the way. It is positive to divide the work into small units to make them see that they are covering goals, showing them what they already know and what they still have to learn.

Change the “must” for “the reason why”

Here is what we are trying to say: sometimes, it is hard to find the motivation to do something without knowing why we are doing it in the first place.

Instead of telling your children: “you must do this”; tell them something like: “this is what you will learn by doing this exercise.”
This little tweak might seem innocent, but it is very powerful. If your children know the why, they will be more open to doing the homework. Once they have learned how to get motivated on their own, they will remind themselves why they have to do homework or other house chores.

Spimbey is here for you, to help not only with great products to implement play breaks but with valuable information. We know how hard the job of being a parent is, and we want to help you get through it.

Do you have any other strategies that you find helpful for this particular situation? Share with us in the comment section! We love to read the thoughts of our loving community.

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