Outside fun is a must for kids

Outside fun is a must: If there is something we have learned from the crazy times we are living in, it is that being indoors can drive us a little bit too crazy. We are social individuals, yes, but we are also not meant to always be within the same space. 


For kids, this is no different. For them maybe it is even far more important to go outside and have some fun. Recent studies have learned that children that spend time out in the open are less susceptible to suffering from anxiety and depression. 



Outdoor play has the benefits of enhancing physical condition as well as promoting social gatherings, where our children learn how to deal and interact with others. 


However, it is not always possible to go outside, whether for lack of time or because a major global event is getting in the way —yeah, you know it is you—. But even when possible, we need to give them the proper incentives so they can enjoy themselves when being out there. 


For adults, sometimes it is a little too hard to come up with ideas to take kids outside and have some fun. Lucky for you, we have gathered a list of very cool things you can do with your children outside the house.


Why Outside fun is a must


  • Contact with mother nature is always a good call: planting some trees is a fun activity to do with your kids outside. You can try and cultivate their favorite fruit and teach them how to take care of this plant. This activity will promote a more eco-friendly mentality in your children. 
  • The secrets of the hidden garden: fewer things invite children more to go outside than the feeling of adventure. Hide some articles like old toys and give your kids a map so they can find them. For an extra challenge, you can add another map but for just clues; this will double the fun and make the game even more challenging. If want to know more about the importance of role playing, you can check our previous article on this subject here 
  • Let the athletes run: if you have a sporting type of child, you can create an obstacle course with different levels of challenge. You can invite some of their friends and make them compete by clocking their times. You can add a hula hoop station for extra fun.
  • Let it slide: kids of all ages enjoy playing with water. If you have a slide in your backyard, you can add some soap and water to it and create your own water park. Safety is always a concern; make sure not to put too much soap on the slip n slide surface. We do not want them in the neighbor’s backyard by the end of the ride. 
  • Sidewalk chalk is a classic: nothing enhances more creativity than drawing. Tic tac toe is a classic that most children enjoy. You can also draw some cool items on the floor, like a balloon, the sun, or a staircase, and take some perspective photos of your kids “playing” with these drawings. 


There is no limit for Spimbey when it comes to fun. Our minds are focused on creating the most appealing products, and gathering the most fun ways to enjoy them. 


Creating memories has never been easier. Check our site and look for the product that suits you the best, then you can check our blog for more info about how to give them a new turn. 


For Spimbey, playing and fun are the ways to go.

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