Children role play: a great way to enhance imagination

Children role play: Watching your kid engaging in role play is really one of the most amazing and exciting things as a parent. Children have their own world inside their little heads and pretend play is the way they have to communicate all their interests and feelings. 


As we mentioned before on this blog: play for children is crucial because it is the most immediate way they have to interact and understand their surroundings. Through playing is that creativity and imagination develop and further improve. 


There is no such thing as just playing —we know, we sound like a broken record—. We must, then, make sure to create a proper environment where there is enough stimulation for kids to get involved with dramatic play. 


Why pretend play is so important for kids?

Even though there is no simple answer to this question, we can say the following: role or dramatic play is one of the latest stages in the development of a child when it comes to playing. 


Previous stages like exploratory and relational playing (from birth to approximately two years old) lay the groundwork for our children to acquire and enhance their gross and fine motor skills. 


Furthermore, in those early periods, senses and emotions are refined since kids are in direct contact with toys like stuffed animals or musical instruments. They start dealing with feelings like sadness, joy, happiness, and even frustration —fewer things put a kid on edge like their favorite toy running out of batteries—


Finally, when it is time for the pretend play stage, children are already creating and expressing what they see and feel. They’ve been gathering information, learning and copying behaviors from their peers and parents. After all this, the classical kitchen or tea party setup appears in front of our eyes, and we’ve begun to wonder why time is passing so fast. 


In addition to that, role play is a fantastic way for kids to improve their social skills. Usually, when young children take part in the play pretend activities, they like to assign roles to things and people; so when playing with other kids, social skills will be needed to deal with that particular situation —no kid wants to be the one that has to sit and wait for things to happen—


Some pretend play sets for toddlers ideas to have fun with Children role play 

Pretend play toys are almost infinite in their variety and style; from the classical kids’ kitchen with play food to the grocery store configuration. There are different setups you can create alongside your children to shape the perfect environment for fun. 


Even though having these types of toys will make the job a lot easier, there is something special about coming up with your own play area with the help of your children. Here are some play ideas you can apply from now on:


  • A treasure hunt in the backyard: you can bury a few toys somewhere around the garden and create a map for your children to follow and find the hidden secrets. 
  • And the Oscar goes to: kids love to recreate their favorite characters: dress like them, talk like them, and so on. If your child has a particular fascination for some character from a movie or book, you can set up a little stage for them to play their favorite role. 
  • A new twist for the same playground: if you happen to have a playground in your backyard, the possibilities of activities for kids will multiply exponentially. You can turn the playground into a castle, a grocery shop, a restaurant, or a space station. You can ask your kids what they would love to do and find a way to recreate that; do not be afraid to give them control over the game, after all, it is for them.


At spimbey, we encourage families to create beautiful memories in the times they have available. Life goes too fast sometimes; in the blink of an eye, our children are no longer that. 


Role playing is one of the most lovely stages of child development. Do not be afraid of letting your inner kid come back to the surface. 

Who says it is too late for playing? Nonsense! Do it and treasure these moments forever. 

Spimbey is the ally of fun. Check our website and see for yourself the wonders you can provide to your children when you trust us.

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