Communication activities for kids to improve expression

Communication activities for kids: Communication is one of the most, if not the most, critical components of human development. Whether is verbal or nonverbal, having effective communication skills is something that we must encourage in our children. 


However, teaching kids how to communicate can become a challenge, especially in the times we live in, where almost everything is measured, read, and written on a bright screen. Even as adults, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we do not know how to communicate effectively. 


Why is it important for kids to communicate?

Communication is the baseline to connect all living things. There is no single organism on earth that doesn’t communicate with its surroundings in some way. 


Humans are no exception to this; we have this amazing ability that is to talk, as well as our body language, as our tools to communicate with others. Here are some reasons why language skills are crucial for children:

  • Helps them to find the right way: if children know how to express themselves, it is more likely that they will deal with their emotions in a better way. 
  • Their social skills improve as a result of interactions with others. 
  • Effective communication skills help children with the learning process, either during school or with their particular role models. 
  • Helps them to find joy: it is known that children that do not know how to communicate properly —in a verbal or nonverbal form— are far more susceptible to suffering from depression and anxiety. We do not mean to scare you with this particular point, but we must emphasize it. If we want our children to feel happy, we must teach communication skills to them, so they can feel that whatever it is they are feeling is important.


As you can see, communication has a key role in our lives. For that same reason, it is important that, as parents, we make an effort to create a healthy environment where our children feel safe to share their emotions and thoughts. Here is where the interpersonal skills of our children are cultivated and strengthened.


To create that environment, we begin by giving children the proper space and time to communicate whatever it is they are feeling. Do not interrupt them and pay attention to all the signs.  


Communication activities for kids in a nutshell

We must emphasize the importance of nonverbal language. Far too often we talk only about the weight or significance of verbal communication, and we tend to forget that we also talk through our facial expressions. Sometimes we say more with our body language than with words. 


More than that, we must nurture this safe place with activities and games to further improve the children’s communication style and skills. Fortunately, there are easy and simple activities for kids that you can start applying right now at home. 


If you have been following our blog, you know the magic word we are about to tell: playing. We love coming up with activities for kids to help them in all kinds of situations. 


Let’s check out some fun playing activities you can do with your children to enhance their communication abilities. 


  • Mirror, mirror: to practice nonverbal communication, this game is a keeper. Have your child mirror the expressions on your face and your body language. Teach them how sadness, happiness, or discomfort looks like so they can have them as references for the future. 
  • Once upon a time: reading is one of the most effective tools to improve language development. If you add some drama to the reading, your kids will start learning how to handle themselves in certain situations. Moreso, reading will enlarge their vocabulary and teach them the basic grammatical rules.
  • A panel of experts: public speaking must be the single thing that most people are horrible at. If we want to spare our children from this, we can have them make little presentations about the things they love; their favorite toy, their favorite cartoon, game, or activity. This will improve their eye contact and reinforce their confidence. 


At Spimbey, we address the most serious matters with a tad of fun. We understand the concerns that all parents have. 


We want to be a part of the journey of every family. Of your family. 

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