Children's telescope - a fun way to explore the worlD

About a Telescope: There is something about looking up to the sky and asking about the things that exist out there, far from our reach. We have had this curiosity since the beginning of time; when seeing directly into space —let alone going out there— was nothing more than a dream. 


Fortunately enough, we have come a long way since those days; today it is possible to look to the stars without the need for large and expensive equipment. You don’t even have to be an expert in matters of space. There are several types of telescopes that you can install in the backyard or on the rooftop of your house. 


Toy telescopes are a fantastic way to enhance the natural curiosity that our children have and drive it towards something really cool. Let us face it: a telescope is an awesome thing to have. For kids, it can provide the craziest educational insights that you can think of. 


More than that, a telescope for kids is a fantastic way to enhance creative thinking and exploratory behavior. We’ve been talking about looking into space, but the truth is that toy telescopes can serve several purposes beyond just that. Children can use them to explore their immediate surroundings to have a better understanding of how the world around them works. 


Even though a telescope is a toy, there are things to consider.

A Children’s telescope has different levels of complexity. They are the perfect feature for a playhouse or almost any kind of outdoor playground. 


But as all parents know from experience —and if you do not know yet, you better get ready— kids are clumsy, at the very least. It is not their fault, of course, let’s just say that that’s the way things are. If you are thinking of adding a toy telescope to your outdoor playset equipment, you better look for these requirements:


  • Start with a beginner telescope: there is no need to add any extra complication, let us start small with a toy telescope, and if your children dig it, you can move forward to a more fancy one. 
  • If it is easy to set, it is easy to use: you want a little telescope that you can easily install in the playground rather than spending hours to figure out how the thing works. After all, it is a toy, not the Hubble. 
  • Make sure to keep it real enough: yes, we know we just say that it is just a toy, we are not playing around with you, but keep in mind that if you want to produce the right effect and enhance that creative thinking it is better if it is as real as possible. For example, if the telescope has a 360-degree rotation, it will make it extremely cool.

At Spimbey, we know the importance of keeping a child entertained and motivated. A stimulated kid will be a happy one. 


All of our products are designed with a goal in mind: to have fun.


From swing sets to sandpits. From slides to toy telescopes. We have all the features you need to give your children all the fun they deserve without never compromising their health or safety. 


Let the imagination fly and let us form memories together.

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