Best Online Memorial Day Sales at Spimbey: Fun for Everyone.

Memorial Day is a lovely holiday weekend and one of the most anticipated ones. We get the opportunity to do something different, step out of the routine and spend quality time with our families.

Remembering those who come before us and make us who we are is probably the most special part of this holiday. Memorial Day weekend is a time to gather around and share memories, traditions, and stories.

And of course, it is also a great time to find amazing products at the lowest price. Many businesses and brands all across the country have some kind of summer sale since Memorial Day is also known as the official start of the summer season.
Some people use this opportunity to shop for things to do some home decor, while others take advantage of the many furniture sales you can find.

To get the best online memorial day sales, you will have to look thoroughly, but you will be able to find deals like the one we have brought you at Spimbey.

Spimbey offers the possibility of creating lovely memories with your family and the ones you feel close to. You can take Fun to the next level with our modular outdoor playsets and the many possibilities they offer.

We didn’t want to leave anyone behind during the memorial day weekend sales, so we jump ahead, and we have come up with the perfect deal to bring the fun home. SUMMERFUN at checkout will save you up to 30% on all our products.

Spimbey is Fun that lasts.

At Spimbey, we like to experiment. Our main goal is to provide every family with a gathering place, a magical land where children can spread their imagination wide and learn while playing and having a great time.

To do that, Spimbey combines aesthetic playgrounds that make your garden look fancy while offering you the possibility of keep adding components and increasing the possibility of having a great time.

The modular design is like having a giant set of construction blocks. You can start with a play deck with a slide and end up with something as big as monkey bars, a playhouse, and a swing set, all in one place!

Quality and safe always come first.

Spimbey uses high-quality wood to build sturdy structures that are meant to have a long lifespan. Safety is a primary concern for Spimbey, and we want every child to play safe and enjoy the warm weather of the summer days.

All of our premium products such as plastic, hardware, tarps, and rope designs go through a rigorous mechanical and chemical testing process internally tested with our own product compliance development team and additionally 3rd party tested to meet ASTM 1148 and DIN EN 71-8 requirements.

You will have durable playground equipment that will grow as your children do (until playing on a playground is no longer “cool”, but that is another story). Children from 3 to 13 years old can have a blast in one of our Spimbey.

Creating memories and helping your children to grow healthy has never been easier. Take home the gift of joy and quality time. Spimbey has different products for different backyards sizes. Visit our webshop during this memorial day and use promo code SUMMERFUN at checkout to save up to 30%

PS: we also have free shipping to all the US orders so you definitely won’t have to worry about any extra fee.

Spimbey is the ally of fun.

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