Soft play equipment gives you something less to worry about

Soft play equipment: As parents, one of the scariest things we can think of — if not the scariest— is our child getting hurt while playing, or basically by doing any sort of activity. From the moment we have them in our arms up to the time they are running around the house, their well-being will always be in our heads: this is just part of being a parent. 

We understand that kids need to play; they have to learn how to interact with the world around them, and they must explore their abilities and bodies by grabbing, climbing, and running. We know this but, how do we manage to find a balance between the freedom we must give to the kids and the constant alarm that is sounding in the back of our minds?

Fortunate enough, there is a simple solution to this and is soft play equipment. If you do not know yet what this is, you are about to be blessed with some great knowledge, so let us dive further into this. 

What is and why should I have some?

As the name suggests, soft play equipment refers to pieces of furniture made with soft materials such as sponges, felt, cotton, plastic, and other types of soft materials. Carefully designed, this equipment allows babies, toddlers, and infants to play with safety and a soft net beneath them. It is like sugar-coating the first experiences your kids have with the world. 

Think of a ladder or a little bridge for your baby to climb on but entirely cover with soft fabric, so there is no chance for them to get hurt with any sharp edges or corners. 

Why have them?

The description above should be more than enough reason for you to want some soft play equipment around your house or in the play centre that you created for your kid, but there is more than meets the eye. 

It is known from studies around the world that early stimulation is a fundamental component in the development of a child. Soft play equipment usually come in bright colors and forms, which will stimulate your kid’s brain as they play with them. Moreso, when they feel attracted by this type of equipment, they tend to play more often with it, and by doing so, they will acquire and perfect some motor skills.

A ball pit is a perfect example of soft play equipment that will keep your child safe while enhancing some of the motor skills like grabbing and throwing which, of course, will come in handy later in life. 

More than that, this play equipment can be easily put together, and they do not usually take up so much space. This makes a perfect match to playhouses and other types of structures that we love our kids to play with, but that can represent a danger if they are too little or do not have enough physical strength yet.  

If you are thinking about creating a fun and safe play centre, the solution lies within a perfect combination between a Spimbey playground and a soft play equipment structure. 

As parents, we understand the concern that lies beneath any one of you, so we design all of our products so they can be matched and reinforced —even more— with the type of safety that gives a parent something less to worry about. Come and join the Spimbey family! 


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