For children, playing outdoors is an important part of their developmental process. Playing is never just that. Playing is and can be a very powerful educational tool.

Over the past two decades, many studies have confirmed the importance of playing when it comes to developing both individual and social components of growth.

Even though competitive games offer lots of benefits on top of the obvious great feeling of winning something, non-competitive or cooperative games are also a great way for our children to learn to have fun and cooperate with others.

The idea of these types of games is to set aside the competition to focus on developing problem-solving skills while working in conjunction with others for a common goal (which should be just having fun).

This Non-competitive games for 4-6-year-olds will help you to dodge the dullness of a lazy Sunday and have a blast with your kids, just for the fun of it.

Musical chairs

You can always give it a turn to classic competitive games and make them fit the intentions of just having some fun. Music and some chairs are the only things you need.

While the music plays, the children will have to move around the chairs, but every time the music stops, all children must touch or sit in one chair

Instead of eliminating players, just eliminate chairs. In the end, it will be one chair and many children. When this happens, tell the children they now have to work together and create enough space so everyone can touch a part of the chair. Laughs are a guarantee!

A day by the playground.

A playground is like a swiss army knife, you can use them for so many purposes, and children will always love being around them.
You can do scavenger hunts around the play area and use the playground as part of the scenario for the adventure.

You can create a great play area with different stations for your children to have fun. Create an art and craft area, and a play pretend area, both of them will help you create the perfect environment for noncompetitive games. In the physical area, you can always have some hula hoops available and have your children do some crazy moves. Check out our blog post on how to craft the perfect play area here.

Of course, Spimbey is here for you to complement the perfect playground experience. Our modular outdoor playsets are the match you know your garden needs and the ones you’ve looking for.

Build lovely memories with your children and help them achieve great things just by playing. Visit our shop and check all the possibilities for fun we offer!

Red light, green light

Assign one of the children the role of “policeman” and the rest the role of “drivers”. Tell the policeman to yell “Green light!” and have the drivers run towards them as fast as possible.

Tell the policeman to yell “Red light!” when they want, and then the drivers will have to stop running and look for an absurd position. Then tell the cop to “inspect” the drivers to see which ones are still moving. Instead of kicking them out for good, ask those who are still moving to do a funny dance for having continued to move when “Red light!” has been said.

Do not let it drop!

Ask the children to form a circle and hold hands. Throw a balloon or beach ball, or any other type of lightweight ball, into the center of the circle.

Children will have to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible giving it small hits and avoiding breaking the circle. If someone tosses the ball too far or if the ball touches the ground, the game has to start again.

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