Wooden Swing Set with Monkey Bars: A Great Combo for Fun.

Kids love to monkeying around some playground equipment. They can do it all day long if you let them. If you are planning to purchase a pay set for your backyard, a wooden swing set with monkey bars is the perfect combo to guarantee hours of joy and lovely smiles.

Outdoor play is a must for children. They need exercise to grow healthy and optimize their cognitive capacities. Over the last decade, many scientific studies have proved a clear correlation between exercise and improvement in cognition.

Play areas do not have to be a nightmare to create. You just need a bit of creativity, great ideas, and, of course, some playground equipment from Spimbey.

But hey, we got you covered with the ideas as well. Are you looking to create the perfect outdoor play area? Check this previous blog entry and find out how you can maximize your available space to create a play area that your children will not want to leave.
After the commercial break, we can get back to business.

Why a wooden swing set?

A wood swing set is one of those safety bets you can take to have the best of both worlds: lots of fun with a stylish look.
But besides that, having a wooden swing set has all these benefits:

  • Offers you a heavy-duty structure without looking ugly.

  • Wood is resistant to weather conditions.

  • Maintenance can be easier for wooden swing sets.

  • Offers you the possibility of customization. A wooden swing set or playground can become an art project if need it.

  • Wood can project a sense of luxury.

If you are thinking of buying a swing set for your backyard, make sure to go with an option that offers you more possibilities to increase the fun.

Can you exchange the swing seat? Belt swings seats are good for toddlers but for young children not so much. Make sure your swing set offers you the possibility to escalate alongside your children.

Can you add a trapeze bar or some Olympic rings? A swing set does not have to be only that.

Can you add other playground equipment to the swing set structure? You can never say no to more chances for having fun. Thow some play deck or a slide and see for yourself the evolution of fun.

And what about monkey bars?

Monkey bars are an exceptional tool for children to develop gross motor skills while getting some physical activity done.
However, it is common for parents to be afraid of monkey bars because of the possibility of getting hurt. Having your children moving from point A to point B while hanging in some bars sounds like something no parent ever wants to know about.

Playground injuries are far too common in the US and all over the world, but that is something that good playground floor material can help fight. Here you can read some of our basic guidelines to secure the play area you have created with so much effort.

You do not have to be afraid of monkey bars. You just need to be careful and keep in mind these factors:

  • Make sure the play area is safe.

  • Monkey bars are usually made out of metal. Check for rust signals in the structure before letting your children hang from it.

  • Check for loose spots. Sometimes, the bars in a monkey bar structure can loosen up, and that is a hard no for the playing time.

  • Check if mold or any other type of slippery bacteria has grown in the hanging bars. We do not want anybody to fall and get hurt.

We have a secret for you. This is exclusive news that nobody knows about. It is a rumor that we have heard in our headquarters.
We may or may not be planning on adding monkey bars to our collection of products.

Spimbey is the pinned location for fun.

We offer you stylish products that will help you bring tons of great moments to your children’s days in the sun.
Our family of spimbers is getting bigger and bigger. We would love for you to be a part of us and the fun we intend to spread across the world.

Shop with us today.

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  1. It’s awesome that you elaborated on how kids love to play outdoors and how it benefits their health. Last week, my wife and I decided to home school our kids, so we want to create a fun playground for them in our backyard. After reading your tips, we do believe it’d be cool for our family to invest in a swing set and monkey bars, so we’ll look into it. We appreciate your advice on playground equipment and which one we should get for our children.

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