Setting Up a Cozy (and Fun) Escape Playhouse

Playhouses are like a magnet for kids. There is something almost magical about them that ensures to entertain kids all day. More than that, playhouses are easy to twist up to make them even more appealing to children. Setting up a cozy and fun escape playhouse for your toddlers is always a good choice. 
If you are thinking about buying a playhouse or playground for your backyard, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • An abundance of windows ensures a more cozy environment.
  • Double-decker structure will double the fun: if the playhouse has more than one floor, the possibilities for fun multiply exponentially.
  • You can have some thrilling alternatives to stairs: let us be honest: stairs suck. And yeah, we know that taking the stairs is good for your help, but hey, who said that a ride tube slide is not a great option to go to the first floor of the playhouse?
  • Keep in mind the inside space: if you want the playhouse where magical memories will abound, you have to make sure there is enough space inside the playhouse to put some extra toys for fun: a sink and play stove, a table for a tea party, a corner for a mad scientist lab. Play pretend and playhouses are a formula for success.
  • Beware of the materials: as usual, we have to make a stop and talk to you about the importance of good material for your playhouse. We do not want anyone to get hurt so, make sure to avoid certain types of materials like plastic. After all, your kids will be monkeying around in this thing; you want to make sure that decker structure can entertain without causing you any further headaches.
Now it is time to throw some pillows and twist the game.
As we already mentioned, a playhouse offers a thrilling opportunity to create a great play space with the addition of some little changes. Let us check some ideas for customization:
  • Contact with mother nature: the playhouse is already in your backyard, but maybe you do not have that much green space out there. Add some flower boxes to the outside decoration of the playhouse and have your children take care of them. This is a great activity to do any afternoon.
  • A cozy corner to lie down: it is true that we want the kids to do some physical activity when outside but, that does not mean they cannot have a comfortable spot to chill out. Throw some pillows and blankets inside the playhouse to create a comfy space for your children to rest and spend some time. Make them part of the process so they can feel that little corner belongs to them. They can use this space to read, watch some cartoons, or simply for playing with other kids in a more secluded space.
  • A few lights will always do the trick: we are not suggesting this becoming an episode of MTV’s cribs but, you can always add some lighting to the structure to make it more attractive to the children’s eye. Since safety is always a thing here at Spimbey, we recommend using some USB-charging light bulbs or lamps.
Safety, style, and fun are the main drives for Spimbey to create the best products for your family.
A happy and stimulated childhood is the path to creating beautiful people.
We will love to be a part of your family’s path to endless hours of joy. Shop with us today.

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