Luxury Backyard Playground to Match Gardens Aesthetics.

Having a backyard playground is a great way to keep your children entertained and healthy. Besides that, a backyard playset will help with your children´s development in the motor skills area.

All of this sounds fantastic, but if we had invested too much time in the creation of our garden, we do not want to break our overall aesthetics with some play equipment that looks ugly or unpleasant to our eyes.

Here is when a luxury backyard playground will come in handy to help you keep your landscaping looking sexy. In these mass-production days, plastic, vinyl, and aluminum are the most common materials for playgrounds, but not your only options.

Spimbey is here to rescue you with playground sets that will match your expectations of quality and safety without sacrificing style.

Luxury does not necessarily mean expensive. It is just an indication that something is made with quality materials to please the eye of those who buy it.

If you chose Spimbey as your partner in crime, we have several options available in our shop to fit your available space and your pocket.

But don’t you worry; no matter the option you go for, you will have a luxury backyard playground item that your kids will love.

about our wood for luxury backyard playgrounds

About our wood.

We know that wood gives that feel of having something of luxury but the main concern for people when choosing wood is that it can decay over time and give you more than one headache.

Let us ease your mind with the characteristics of the wood we use for our playgrounds.

  • Chinese cedar wood from the Cypress family: this kind of wood is weather-resistant and easy to work with.

  • Our wood is naturally resistant to rot, termites, and overall decay.

  • We do not use any dangerous chemicals to treat the wood but only water-based products for a smooth and clear appearance.

  • All of our wooden components are round-edge to keep safety as the top priority.

  • The wood contains a tight knot structure, which does not need additional treatment and will last a lifetime when maintained properly.

  • You do not have to worry about rust either. All of our metal parts are galvanized to fight one of the greatest enemies of fun and great times.

     our wood for luxury backyard playgrounds

Having an amazing playground from Spimbey in your backyard will help you create beautiful moments with your children.

When we grow up we tend to treasure all the great moments we lived as children. All those afternoons with our friends and family full of laughs.

Memories are a huge part of who we are as adults.

With Spimbey as your ally, you can create lovely moments with your children that they will treasure and share with others.

The high quality of our wood and other components ensure a lifespan long enough to go with your children through all their childhood.

At least until the hormone monster of adolesce hits, but that is another story.

our modular luxury backyard playgrounds

Modular designs that multiply the fun.

One of the greatest features that we offer to our customers is the possibility to add more fun to the playset.

  • You can attach the playhouse to the 3 position swing set trapeze.

  • The swing set to the play deck

  • Do you want a sandpit? No problem!

  • We have a lemonade stand that you can use as a picnic table as well.

  • Plastic slides.

parts of our modular luxury backyard playgrounds

As you can see, dullness is not an option for us. We have several configurations you can try to make the most out of your investment by creating multiple play areas.

Spimbey is the pinned location for fun. The place where you can find a luxury backyard playground to fit your expectations and bring awesome and lovely times to your children?

Any additional questions about our products? We have a team ready to clear the path for fun. No doubt will block you!

We would love to have you as a part of the Spimbey family. A family that grows bigger and bigger while conquering more latitudes thanks to you.

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