Wooden Garden Playhouse with Slide: Fun’s Favorite Combo

If you have children, you have probably thought about what are the best ways to give them entertainment without recurring to bright screens and video games.
This is no easy task, we assure you. However, it is not impossible to have a fighting chance against cellphones, tablets, and other tech devices. All you need is an attractive outside play area with lots of cool items.
Here you can read more about how to set up the perfect outdoor play area.
Since Spimbey is the ally of fun, we thought it´d be a great idea to talk about how a wooden garden playhouse with slide is the perfect solution to your entertainment problem.

A wooden playhouse with slide will help your children with their developing process.

Not only a playhouse and a slide are the perfect combination for great times but, they also can bring a lot of benefits to your children upon their growth.
Kids love to play, and every time they do it, they are learning ways to interact with their world.
As we always said: there is no such thing as just playing.
When children play on a structure like a playground, they also understand how their bodies work. It gives them a better sense of mobility while enhancing their gross motor skills.
In addition to that, a playhouse with slide is a great tool to promote exploratory play in our children, which will boost their creativity, solve problem skills, and cognitive development.
If you want to find out more about the importance of exploratory play, you can check our previous entry.
And what about the slide? Well, maybe the slide part is just for the fun of it. But honestly, a slide is also a fantastic way to boost your children’s confidence.
Riding on a slide gives children the sense of achieving something. For them, this feeling never gets old. They will feel that joy every single time; that is the beauty of being a child.
The sense of surprise never gets old.

Why a wooden playhouse?

Wood is a great material for residential playhouses and playground equipment overall.
Although all materials are sensitive to natural decay, wood requires fewer labors of maintenance in order to extend the lifespan of the structure.
If you are worried about safety, don’t be: wooden playhouses, swing sets, and playsets overall are perfectly safe as long as you install them properly. It is natural for people to think that other materials like metal or aluminum are better for these types of structures.
This may be true for the commercial type of playgrounds, the ones you find in public parks or schools because lots of children will be playing on them at the same time. However, for residential playhouses, wood is a perfect fit that will also give you a hand with the overall aesthetics of the backyard.
Besides the above factors, a wooden playhouse with slide is better to give the sense of coziness that will make children want to play and be around the structure.
Memories and experiences are a huge part of who we are as adults. We all have fond memories about the places we used to go to play, about the treehouse in the backyard, the tire swing in the park. Your children can have the same type of memories if you create the perfect space for them to play and free their imaginations.
Spimbey is the place where you can find all you need to fill your kids’ childhood with warm and lovely memories.
We build with love and we aim to share it with as many families as we can.
Go to our shop today and explore the possibilities for fun.
If you happen to have any questions, we have a team fully ready to answer them and guide you through the process of taking fun to the next level. 

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