What to Buy During Memorial Day Sales? A Spimbey!

Just like black Friday, memorial day weekend is one of those dates where you can take advantage of many great deals and buy home goods or tech devices at lower prices.

Memorial Day is a great time to buy things like:

  • Home appliances

  • Washers and dryers

  • Tech devices such as laptops or cellphones

  • Patio furniture

  • Outdoor furniture

At Spimbey, we have a thing or two to say about outdoor furniture or equipment that can bring a special look to your garden. Our modular outdoor playsets are the perfect solution to bring fun to home without breaking the aesthetics of your backyard.

We wanted to join the early memorial day sales spiral and offer a crazy discount to all our USA customers. This memorial day 2022 is the time to shop for a playground, and Spimbey is the best option you can think of.

But why go with a playset?

Memorial Day is not only about sales. Yes, it is one of those times to buy the things we want at the lowest prices, but it is primarily a day to gather the family and talk about the memories we share.

Our history is an essential part of who we are. One cannot go further without knowing the path already walked. Our traditions and feelings of belonging find their origin in the history we share.

Having a playground at home will provide you with a great opportunity to bring everyone together in outdoor spaces. You can transform your backyard into a magical place, where remembering those who left us does not feel like a sad moment.

Why Spimbey?

At Spimbey, we value family time and the opportunity to create memories that bring us together and give us something to step on.

That is why we wanted to offer a 30% discount on all of our products to our USA customers during this special holiday. SUMMERFUN at checkout will save you up to 30% on your order, but we also offer free shipping, so you do not have to worry about any extra fees.

We want to share Spimbey with all the people that are looking for an opportunity to create a lovely backyard experience.
We design our playset following the most strict international safety standards. Using high-quality wood, we can guarantee a long lifespan for your playground. Spimbey is proud to be able to grow as your children do.

On this memorial day 2022, you can grab a Spimbey to enjoy hours of fun. Check our webshop and find the multiple options we have.

Do you happen to have a small backyard? No problem! Spimbey has different sizes for modular playsets and you can easily upgrade the playing experience later by adding some of our latest playground components.
Spimbey is a synonym for fun.

Remember, SUMMERFUN at checkout will save you an extra 10% for a total of 30% discount.

There is no better deal in the playground world. We want to take Spimbey to as many homes as we can because memories are the treasures that we all share!

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