Things to consider when buying a toddler climbing frame

Few things are better for a child than going outside to play. This activity, even though it is simple, provides a great number of benefits in the development of many of our child’s abilities. Furthermore, playing outside is a fantastic way for kids to burn some of the excessive amounts of energy that they usually have. By doing so, they are also improving their endurance and keeping their BMIs at healthy levels.

Climbing frames are one of the greatest features we can offer to kids of all ages, and the reason is simple: they will fulfill a purpose at every stage of the early growth of the children. For example, for a kid who is seven o nine years, a toddler climbing frame not also will function as a way to exercise but can also facilitate or deliver a social experience, which is a fundamental thing to consider while growing up. 

This is why there are several points we need to take into account if we are about to buy a toddler climbing frame. Since climbing is practically stamped in our brains when we are children, it is crucial to offer our toddlers a safe way to do it; by doing so, we will be making sure that they will learn how to use their bodies in a proper way to communicate with the world around them. 

How can I make sure I am doing the right purchase? Let us dive a little bit further into that business from now on. 


Materials over price.

Most kids love to climb: we already established that. They love monkey bars and climbing walls o nets, and it is usually what they go for when they go outside to play. While we cannot control the quality of the material in public parks, we can —and we must— make sure that when buying for our own house, we choose the best materials. 

We live in the era of mass production, where everything is already pre-made, pre-pack, with certain measures and features that we cannot customize; this is one of the reasons why parents all around the world have a trusting issue with playgrounds or climbing frames because they can see that many times, prices come over quality —when it should be the other way around—. 

At Spimbey, we understand that better materials equal better quality and final product. We use wood from Crypresses, which is easy to work with but very reliable and durable.

I had some screws left over, and now what?

Let us face it, many of us simply do not have the ability to build things, and when we add the factor of time, things tend to get more complicated. 

Putting together your toddler climbing frame should be as easy as assembly the avengers. It should not be a project of endless hours, let alone days or even weeks. We bought it for our kid, yes, but it is us the ones that have to put it in place so, if you are thinking of buying a wooden climbing frame, take a look at what we have to offer at Spimbey.

All of our playhouses come pre-drilled, pre-numbered, and pre-cut wood for your convenience. No more headaches and nightmares when it comes to providing your toddler with the much-needed fun. 


Beware of sizes and colors. 

We have all been there. You bought a toddler climbing frame, and when it is finally at home, it is bigger than our desire to be parents. When buying a toddler climbing frame, it is essential to be aware of the size of the whole structure, not only because it needs to fit the space that we have available but because it has to accommodate the necessities of our child. There is no use for a structure where the kid can fall because it is too big. 

Believe it or not, the color of the climbing frame, or even of the whole play area, can be of huge importance when it comes to picking a model over the other. Colorful playhouses or climbing structures will invite the kids to play with it more often, and by doing so, they will be taking advantage of all the good thing that comes with playing on a climbing frame. 

At Spimbey, we cover all the essentials of playhouses and climbing structures. We understand better than anyone the importance of them because we care the same way you do. Fun, safety, and comfort are our main drivers, so we do not take any of that lightly. 

Check our website today and see for yourself all the wonders you can provide to your child if you come with us.

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