To learn to read, let us play a game

To learn to read: Reading is an essential part of the development of any child. It helps with creativity and imagination.


But, as with almost any learning process, it can become challenging to learn how to do it. Reading and writing are very complex processes because language is probably one of the most cognitively demanding activities for human beings. 


I can’t find the words.

The words are not enough.


Expressions like those above are common in day-to-day conversations. If that can happen to us as adults, imagine just how complicated it must be for a child to express if he or she does not have a large vocabulary.


Reading skills are crucial for the learning process and for enhancing other cognitive abilities such as abstract thinking —language is by definition an abstraction, but let us not go down that complicated road—. Furthermore, knowing how to read also has a significant role in how the children relate to others as their way of expressing themselves also evolves. 


Learning to read does not have to be a complete nightmare for you and your kids. We can take advantage of the fact that kids learn by playing and introducing some gaming to make everything go silky smooth. 


Here are some cool ideas for games to help kids learn to read:


Let’s bake a sentence: 

This is a very cool and fun game to engage with reading while doing something that many children love to do: baking. Bake some cookies using letter molds and then use those cookie letters to form a sentence. Have your children read the sentence and reward them with some cookies. Funny, educational, and delicious. Everybody wins!


Pictogram books are a live saber: 

These kinds of books are incredibly helpful for early readers because they substitute some of the words with images. This resource allows children to have an easy time understanding the context and the story overall. 


Board games can come in handy: 

There are lots of board games that can be useful to encourage reading and writing. Scrabble is the classic game for this, but you can create your own version of the famous word game. 

Somewhere out there, the treasure waits for you: 

Using letters of the alphabet made out of cartons, you can organize a scavenger hunt. Nametag different items in your backyard and have your kids read them out loud; if they get it right, they can have the next clue to find the treasure —the final price is for you to decide.


To learn to read, Lead by example:

As a parent, you will soon realize that children are always copying the things that adults do. If you read to your children or read with them, they are more likely to develop the habit of reading.


Create a cool reading spot:

If you have an outdoor playground or a little corner in your house available, you can pimp it up to become a perfect reading spot. Have your children decide what they want to put in this new spot and the kind of book they would like to have. By making them part of the process, they will feel more attached to this place and therefore encouraged to read. 


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