Tips to have the Perfect Kids Outdoor Fort

Hello and welcome back to our Spimbey Blog! Today we will talk about how to have the Perfect Kids Outdoor Fort!

If you are a parent, you probably are familiar with the following image:

You get home after work or do some errands. You open the door, and you stumble across the new fort your children have built in the living room. You see pillows, cushions, and of course, your favorite set of sheets functioning as a roof for this out of the ordinary fort.

Children usually love to play with common objects and use them with a new perspective. Building a fort is one of those activities where they can do exactly that: using ordinary things to build a cozy escape zone.

However, it would be better if the fort were located in another part of the house but the living room. Let us find out more about how you can come up with a great kids’ outdoor fort.

It all starts with a good playhouse.

Having a fort is all about projecting the appearance and using the imagination. Now that you are taking the fort to your backyard, you can replace the sheets with a cozy playhouse and start building from there.

Wood is probably the best material you can go for since it not only provides good aesthetics but also helps with the feeling of having a place for yourself. A goo playhouse has:

  • A design that fits your garden’s aesthetics.

  • Windows

  • A solid ceiling.

  • Plenty of space on the inside to play around and have some fun.

  • It should be easy to put together.

At Spimbey, you can find two different models of playhouses to choose from, depending on your available space. We even add a secret backdoor that children can use to give a new turn to the game.

All of our products are designed to be used in outdoor spaces, with wood resistant to natural decay and weather conditions. More than that, all of our products, including the playhouse, are easy to install with pre-drilled and pre-numbered parts.

Now it is time to jazz up the place.

Now that you have a great playhouse, you can start putting together all the necessities to create a great fort in the backyard for your children and their wild imagination.

Follow these guidelines and have some fun in the process:

  • Ask your children what they would like the most: after all, the fort is for them. Talk to them and find out the things they like to do and throw some objects around that fit that particular interest. It could be the fort of science, art, sport, or basically whatever your children’s imagination wants.

  • A few pillows and carpets will go a long way: if coziness is the goal, you need to add some cushions and pillows (preferably not from the living room) to chill out the place and have it ready for children to play on it.

  • A toybox to create some order: not because this is an outdoor fort, it means that it has to be a disaster everywhere. We suggest you put any kind of box inside the playhouse and teach your children to gather all the toys at the end of the playing session. You will have something less to worry about, and your children will learn a routine to keep everything looking pretty.

  • Pretend-play toys will do wonders for your children: pretend play is great to foster and nurture your child’s imagination and creativity; something that will benefit them later in life. A few play-pretend toys will help the child to develop creativity.

Now that you have the perfect setup for your kids’ outdoor fort, you can start to have playing sessions with friends and family. Here are some of the cool activities you can do with your children.

  • Read stories inside the fort

  • Play board games

  • Watch series on a phone or tablet

  • Camping at night

  • Decorate the playhouse/fort for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas

  • Art and crafts

A fort can be whatever your children want it to be. Spimbey is the place where a playhouse is a game away from a Castle.

We would love to be a part of your family and the sacred space of your house.

Check in our shop some of the options we offer for modular outdoor playsets.

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