Tips on How to Improve Focus and Concentration in Child.

Attention and concentration are an important part of the set of skills a person must have in order to complete a task. Despite its crucial role in life, focus and concentration are far too often ignored by the educational system, and even by us, the parents.
So it’s crucial that we learn about how to improve focus and concentration in child.
We expect our children to have a natural ability to focus when this is actually something that they need to practice if having solid concentration skills is the goal.
Studies have shown that the attention span for an adult is around 45 min to 1 hour. After that period of time, our ability for paying attention to something decreases naturally. For children, that attention span is approximately 30min.
Sure, if you are having fun, those periods of time can go for longer, but who has ever needed to focus on doing something that likes?
Luckily, there are several tips to help your child concentrate better when performing certain tasks like learning something new or doing homework.
So, how to improve focus and concentration in child?
Here are some general guidelines around the subject.

Eat the apple piece by piece.

One of the best strategies you can apply to help your child focus better and more efficiently is to break down the tasks you gave to them into small tasks with a more easy-going approach.
If a task seems too massive for a child, they will likely lose focus and even quit the activity altogether. However, if we do the task step by step, they can fully concentrate on each step and perform satisfactorily to achieve results.
If your children have homework from different school courses, do not make them do all of them in one sitting. Instead, try to do one first, and after a little break, you can jump into the next one. This will improve the focus given to each assignment.

Create a concentration hub.

Nothing better to improve concentration skills than having the right space to do it. For adults and children alike, it is important to create habits around the things we like to do and the others that not so much.
Holding a proper space to do homework or study can do wonders for your child’s ability to focus. No screen time is allowed inside this space since its purpose is to remove all the things that distract us on a day-to-day basis.
It is better if this space is away from other rooms in the house where there is a lot of activity. Nearby the kitchen or the house’s entry is a hard no unless you have the resources for soundproofing the room. Wherever you decide to put it, make sure to keep it far from noises and other distractions.

Board games can help a lot.

A board game seems like something from another planet in a time where everything comes packed into a bright screen. Yet, board games are a fantastic tool to improve your child’s ability to focus.
Doing a jigsaw puzzle is probably one of the best concentrations games ever created. It will smooth the child’s humor if it’s too spicy and improve attention to detail.
Soduku, chess, and crosswords games are other great options of games that require attention and focus to fulfill the final goal.
You can also try this website called Luminosity. It was created by an incredible team of Neuroscientists to help with memory and concentration skills. Some of the games might be too advanced for children so be mindful of the challenges you put them through. If things start to get ugly, deep breaths are always a nice solution to the frustration problem.
Do you have any other strategies you’d like to share with the parents who read us? Leave a comment!
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