Three Great Problem-Solving Activities for Kids.

Having the ability to solve problems is one of those things we want to encourage in our children. Now, for them to acquire problem-solving skills, we must put them in front of activities that represent a challenge for them in a certain way.

It is important to promote and encourage problem-solving since they do not appear out of thin air once we reach adulthood. Rather we acquire them across all of our developmental years.

Luckily, teaching problem-solving skills can be very easy and entertaining for you and your children. You can take advantage of the fact that children learn while playing and use games that encourage your child to find solutions in the most creative way possible.

As usual, at Spimbey, we got your back. We have come up with some problem-solving activities for kids that will boost your children’s capacity to face complex situations.

Always trust the power of board games.

Yeah, we know: a board game sounds kind of boring. However, board games teach valuable lessons to our children, and they can benefit from the challenges they usually offer to players.

Of course that when we think about board games, classic things like chess or puzzles come to our mind. And, of course, chess will significantly improve your children’s ability to solve problems, but it is not the only way to promote them.

When it comes to problem-solving activities for kids, the most important detail we must focus on is whether the activity challenges our children in a certain way or not. Once we understand that, we can use virtually any type of board game to foster these vital abilities.

Here is a quick list of some of the games you can use, which are crazy fun:

  • Pictionary: besides the obvious challenge of thinking about how to represent something for others to understand, Pictionary can also help to stimulate creativity and imagination, two very complex cognitive processes.

  • Cranium: one of the best trivia games ever created is also a great tool to learn problem-solving skills. The games challenge the players to find the best ways to get to the center of the board. Mimic, drawing and anagrams are among the different tests your children may have to face to win the game.

  • Scrabble: again, besides the obvious challenge of putting words together with the letters you have, if you ad a “theme” to the game, you can make it even more challenging and fun.

  • Jenga: how can I remove this block without collapsing the whole structure? It does not get any more challenging than that.

A scavenger hunt is always a good call.

Not only a treasure hunt it is a great outdoor activity to do with your children outdoors, but it also an effective method to encourage children to think by themselves and find solutions to problems.

More than that, a treasure hunt is a great tool to promote team-building activities among your children. Playing with other kids will also promote problem-solving skills since the children need to learn how to coexist and collaborate with others for a common goal.

Gather the children, have them stand in a circle, and explain to them the rules. Once everyone knows what they have to do, divide them into small groups and let the adventure begin.

Use the power of video games.

Yeah, yeah, we know: encouraging video games may not be the best idea.

But hear us out. Just like board games, video games are full of challenges that our children need to overcome to succeed and finally complete the game. They push our children to find a solution independently or with the help of others.

The market indeed has way too many options for video games that are violent and promote things that we do not want our children to learn, but it is also true that you can find hundreds if not thousands of options for educational video games.

Games like Minecraft are amazing educational tools your children can use to learn about coding and complex rational thinking. You can and should take advantage of the different tools you have at your disposal. If the child enjoys the process, it is more likely for him or her to acquire these abilities.

If you are looking for ways to boost your children’s abilities to solve problems and be more independent, playing will always be your best option.

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