The Ultimate Summer Safety Checklist: Have Fun Responsibly!

Summer is almost upon us. A lovely season that brings a lot of outdoor fun, sweat, and good times, surrounded by the ones we love.

Despite this being the best season for having outdoor fun, we must be extra careful with our children to reduce the risk of suffering from some of the common problems during the summer season. Having a safety checklist will allow you and your family to stay safe and have the fun you can think of.

At Spimbey, of course, we love summer and outdoor play; let’s just say we like the way both sound in the same sentence. We want every child to be safe. Follow this summer safety checklist and keep the fun rolling.

Do not overcook it.

Listen, we get it: the sun is out, shining, and we like to take advantage of that, especially after a long cold season, but let us not overdo it.

It is important to be mindful of the amount of time our children spend under the sunlight and take the necessary precautions to avoid sunburns and complaints the next day. Sun exposure can be tricky so these are some of the better precautions you can take:

  • Always carry sunblock in your purse, backpack, travel bag, etc. If you have the time and budget, make sure to have at least one extra bottle in case one runs out. We do not want anything to stop the good times.

  • Have long sleeves shirts in your baggage in case the Sun is taking things too seriously that day.

  • If you are at the beach or in an open field with not much of a cover, make sure to apply sunblock to your children every hour to keep the shield strong against the UV rays.

  • Make sure your kids use fresh clothes that allow sweat to flow and dry. These types of fabrics, commonly found on gym clothes, will prevent from suffering excessive heat during the playing session.

The Sun is a friend of ours, but you know what happened to Icarus anyway, right?. Let us not replicate that scene.

Hydration is key.

Heat exhaustion is a reality. In fact, it is so common that even pets like dogs or cats can suffer from it.
Our body’s temperature needs to be regulated at all times; that is why we sweat we there is a lot of heat around us.

 However, if our bodies are not hydrated enough, our body’s capacity for reaction diminishes, and therefore, we can suffer from exhaustion, dizziness, and even fainting.

To prevent such dreadful outcomes, it is important to keep our children pumped with water and electrolytes, so they can run and have all the great times they deserved while being safe. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye on:

  • Take always several water bottles with you.

  • Electrolytes are essential, so make sure to have some Gatorade or electrolytes effervescent pills in your backpack.

  • Have your children drink plenty of water at the beginning, during, and after the playing session. Let no stone unturned, and things will flow naturally.

  • Fruits packed with water are also a healthy and tasty way to keep our children hydrated. You can pack little fruits salads with cantaloupe, watermelon, apples, oranges, and those types of juicy fruits, or take a more fun approach and make some ice cream popsicles with the fruit options.

Playground and playsets equipment precautions.

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and use that playground that has been staring at your kids during cold days. However, just like every piece of outdoor furniture, there are some precautions we must take before letting our children play on the playground.

Here are some of the Spimbey’s recommendations for wooden outdoor playgrounds:

  • On sunny and or hot days, check the slide and other plastic rides to assure that they are not very hot as to cause burns. Cool hot slide and rides with water and wipe dry before using.

  • Sunlight will break down the protective coating wooden playground, especially Spimbeys, tend to have, so we recommend applying a water repellent or stain on a yearly basis.

  • After every playing session, make sure to collect and store any playground accessories like swing seats, chains, etc, to prevent them from overheating and have them ready for every playing opportunity.

  • Rubber tiles and rubber mulch can also overheat a lot during summer days. Spray some water on the surface to cool out the play area.

Another recommendation is to apply insect repellent to your children when going outside and playing. This is the playing season, but it is also the bugs and insects season. Protect your children from stings and rashes by taking precautions and using repellent when going outdoors.

Spimbey is the ally of fun, and when Summer arrives, there is nothing in between your children’s hours of fun. We want every family to enjoy sunny days responsibly. Follow some of these recommendations, and you and your family will create golden memories, with a little bit of sweat.

If you want to level up your children playing experience, visit and explore our website to find the perfect match for your garden. Spimbey is an opportunity to bring home the gift of a joyful childhood.

Be happy, be playful, Be Spimbey.

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