The Best Sales for Memorial Day? At Spimbey!

Memorial Day 2022 is almost upon us. But regardless of the year, this holiday weekend is one of those times during the year where we get to share with our families and think about our common past and history.

To honor that history and the times we live in, most brands offer all kinds of sales and deals on their products. This is also a great time to invest your money into products that will make your life easier somehow. We know everybody is looking for an opportunity to make the most out of their hard-earned money by getting great products a the lowest price.

At Spimbey, we feel like nobody should be left behind, and we wanted to give the families a chance to get a great deal on all of our products. We join the early memorial day sales spiral with the perfect deal for you to bring the fun home.

SUMMERFUN at checkout will save you up to 30% on all of our products. A 30% sale including free delivery for all of our USA customers. Spimbey has the power to transform daily backyards into a land of adventures and joy, where solidifying memories is easy and lovely.

Modular designs that offer more chances for fun!

At Spimbey, we take fun very seriously. We have created a concept that allows you to create a cool paying experience that your children can enjoy at the different stages of their growing process.

With our modular outdoor playsets, you can customize the playing experience and keep adding features to make the playing area bigger and more attractive for your children. A play deck with a slide can become a play deck with a playhouse and some monkey bars.
We want children to play and learn things while doing it. Going outdoors is one of those “must-do” for children. The benefits of outdoor play are way too great to ignore. Spimbey makes it easier for you to take your children outdoors. But most of all, Spimbey is a home for happy memories.

Spimbey grows with your kids and family. A great companion for the beautiful times ahead.

Quality is the main driver.

Delivering a great playing experience while keeping safe and stylish is what drives Spimbey at its core. The sturdy construction of our playsets and the Chinese Cedar wood we use allows us to create a solid playing structure that also looks aesthetic.

We treat our wood with water-based products that not only protect your playset against moisture and UV rays but prevent any poisoning hazard by dangerous chemicals. You will have a playground that will look amazing while providing a safe playing experience. Who said that home decor sales cant come in the form of a playhouse?

Memorial Day is also the day in the calendar from where we start counting the summer days. Spimbey is the ally of the warm summer days that lie ahead.

Remember that SUMMERFUN at checkout will save you an extra 10% for a total of 30% discount on whatever model you chose.

Visit our webshop and find out the perfect option for you and your family. Use this memorial day to get your children the gift of joy and golden memories.

Sharing with the ones we love is easier with Spimbey at home.

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