Swing Set Installation: A Basic Guide.

Swing sets are one of the greatest ideas to ensure hours of fun. As an outdoor playset, they do a great job bringing the family together to enjoy a good ride.
But nothing kills the vibe more than a faulty swing set. It is simply too dangerous to play on a compromised structure.
If you are planning on having a swing set in your backyard, there are a few things you should do before and after the swing set installation.
What to do before?
Swing set installation is all about having the right space and proper support. Make sure to check these things out of your list before going any further with the installation process:
Level the terrain: most backyards have irregular formings but, a swing set requires a strong and even terrain to function properly. Make sure the play area is clear of mount or slopes. You do not need a whole lot of gardening tools to have a good job done.
Have a safe distance both in the front and back of the swing set. We need to be a risk-free area so make room for the fun.
No soft soil is allowed: the anchors of the swing set are one the most important parts of the whole structure so it is crucial for them to be on solid ground.
Once you know where the anchors of the swing set will be, take a closer look at the ground to see if you can detect any soft spots. If that happens to be the case, you might need to throw some asphalt into those soft spots. This particular tip applies to any kind of playset installation.
After the swing set installation
We are here for the fun, but not without the safe. After the installation of any playset, it is important to cover the area with some shock-absorption material.
Unfortunately, playground accidents are far more common than what we would like to say. Having a good protective surface is something you must consider right away.
You can use loose-fill material like
  • Wooden chips
  • Rubber mulch
  • Sand
Or something more fabricated like
  • Rubber titles
Whatever you choose, make sure to have the proper maintenance as well. Protective surfaces can suffer from weather conditions and the frequency of use of the swing set. A Propper maintenance plan of the play area is a must-do for these types of structures.
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