Swing and slides for guaranteed fun

SWING AND SLIDES FOR GUARANTEED FUN: Who does not love to hang out in a swing? Or feeling the adrenaline of letting yourself go in a slide? Let us face it, even as adults, we enjoy swings and slides in all of their forms, and this is why funfairs are so popular among people of all sorts of ages. 

For children, there is no difference. They usually love this kind of attraction, and they are one of the first items they want to climb on when you take them outside to play. There is a reason behind it, beyond the simple fact that they are extremely fun, and it is that swing and slides usually represent an opportunity to challenge themselves to achieve something. 

Moreso, climbing to the top of a slide or holding tight to the ropes or chains of a swing bring actual benefits to the development of motor skills like grip and also to the way toddlers use their bodies to overcome certain situations. 

Why having a swing set at home can be important? 

As we know, due to the times we live on, the possibility of going to a public park can rapidly disappear, but the stages of early development and the urgency for proper stimulation will not. This is probably one of the most vital reasons why having a swing set at home —maybe with climbing frames attached to it— can be extremely useful to you and your family. 

However, we know that available space can be a thing when we talk about having this kind of attraction at home. At Spimbey, we offer customized design swig sets that will perfectly fit in the space you have for this play zone, and for a beautiful plus, we also care about style, so our swing sets and playhouses will not be off-key with the decor of your house —we love when everybody wins—.

Metalic or aluminum swing sets gives a feeling of something that endures any kind of damage, and even though this is true most of the time, it is also true that the use of this kind of material can be detrimental for certain types of kids who might be allergic to this material since their skins are usually way more sensible than our as adults.

Moreso, metal, and aluminum can heat up a lot during summer or spring and cool down during autumn and winter, which will prevent your kids from having fun with the set. 

Spimbey products are designed with fine cypress wood, with a Heavy-duty angled A-frame for maximum stability that safely ensures lots of fun. Besides that, the different models of seats that we also provide will ensure years and years of fun for your child and will even allow you to adapt the swing set to the different ages of your children, that if you have more than one: no more fighting for a spot on the swing set.


Few things claim more the attention of our kids than a slide. It is crazy how such a simple piece of equipment can bring so much joy. Swing and slides are a perfect combination because it is like having the best of both worlds; the excitement of flying through the airs plus the sweet and crazy ride back to the ground with the slide. 

Spimbey playsets offer the possibility to be attached to different parts; because of that, you will be able to put together a great piece of equipment that will guarantee lots of fun and beautiful memories for you and your family.

Spimbey is more than just a playset-selling company. We believe in fun and safety as a way to live a full life. Creating memories alongside your children has never been easier. Learn more about our products and their specifications on our website and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we´d love to be a part of the journey you are about to begi

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