The ice is starting to melt, and the rays of sunshine are getting more and more intense each passing day. You all know what that means: yeah, summer is almost here!
Now that the great season is upon us, it is time to put on some sunblock and step out into your own backyard, followed by the little shadows you have with you at all times.
Summer and kids are one of those cool combinations that lead to lovely memories to treasure for years to come.
Your backyard can become the perfect outdoor space to entertain your children and make them benefit from being in contact with Mother Nature.
Here we bring you some summer backyard ideas to ensure a season full of smiles, fun, and love.

Bring the smores. It is camping night.

The summer is the perfect time for camping. However, it is not always possible to travel long distances to have a camping night in the middle of the woods, but that does not mean you cannot have some backyard fun with a camping scenario.
If you feel in the mood for some DIY project, you can always create fire pits to make the experience even closer to the real thing. Here we left you a great tutorial you can follow to build your own fire pit A DIY SMOKELESS Fire Pit That Actually Works!
Prepare the flashlights and have some cozy pillows nearby. It is time to sing to the moon. Here you can read more about camping ideas in your backyard.

Straight up soldier. It is booting camp day.

If we want our children to take advantage of the climate and do some exercise to drain their energy, an obstacle course is always a great idea.
Don’t worry you do not have to prepare a circuit worthy of Navy Seals tests. A few old tires and a stopwatch will do the work.
Remember to keep hydration at hand and some healthy snacks for your children to fuel them during the activity.

Let the water run and bring the soap.

Summer is the perfect time to play with water in the backyard.
You cannot begin to imagine how much fun a piece of plastic and some soap can bring to a dull afternoon.
Boring is never an option, especially if the sun shines so bright outside the window.

Backyard fun is secure with a playground.

One of the best backyard ideas for the summer is throwing yourself to the water with an outdoor playground.
Playgrounds are a great tool to keep your children busy and sweating. More than that, they are great tools to boost the physical condition of your children and help them develop important gross and fine motor skills.
Besides that, a playground is an entertainment center. The imagination of a child can transform a playground into a castle, a spaceship, or a tent for a camping night.
The possibilities for fun multiply considerably when you have a playground in your home.
Climbing to the second-floor deck to have a nice ride on the slide.
Reach the sky with a nice swing in the swing set.
Picture yourself this:
Your children jumping around in the playground and running in the garden while you´re cooking a nice lunch for the afternoon picnic you are having with your friends.
If that image sounds lovely in your head, then you are a perfect candidate to have a playground in your backyard.
Just be sure to buy a playground with an easy installation process and good material. Safety is always paramount.
Spimbey is where you go to have fun.
Our modular playsets and all the options we have to offer will put an end to gray, dull summer days.
The greatest part is that you can customize your playground to make it fit your family’s needs and the space you have available.
Do not let the summer catch you off guard. You can be one step ahead and guarantee fun and lovely memories for your children.
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