Spring Outdoor Games to Have Fun.

Spring weather is already here for most countries around the world. Not only the snow is slowly melting down to allow the beautiful green grass to show, but it is also a great time to go outdoors and have some fun with your children.

We all have lovely springtime memories when we get to blow bubbles by using all the dishwasher soap —sorry mom—, when we could finally go outside with our friends and have some adventures.

Winter is lovely for indoor activities, but now that weather is on our side, you can take advantage of it and plan some outdoor activities for kids. Remember, every time kids play outside, they get a chance to enhance their motor skills and also their social-emotional abilities.

We have some cool spring outdoor games you and your children can engage in to make the most out of the next months of great season time.

Fly a Kite

This is one of those classic spring/summer activities that does not seem to go out of fashion. But flying a kite is more than just that. Building a kite is an art and craft process from which your children can benefit a lot.

Art and craft are great tools to develop creativity and imagination. You can read further about the subject here. Most kids love every situation when they can get creative and build something cool. A kite can become an art project to show later to others.

Once you have built the kite, take your children to a local park and have some great times with them. This can also be a great moment to engage your children in social interaction situations.

Go all-in with mother nature.

Now that snow is no longer in our paths, you can take your children to open spaces to get in contact with mother nature. There are lots of activities you can go for to draw your children out of those bright screens and have them benefit from being outside.
For example:

  • Scavenger hunt: your backyard or the public park can be the scenario for a search and find kind of activity. Planning a scavenger hunt does not require lots of resources, and it is a great way to have your children in outdoor spaces for larger periods of time.

  • Bird watching: even though this is not a game per se, it is an amazing activity to do in the spring because it is the time when some birds start their migratory process. If your children have scientific inclinations, this can be a great activity to do with them to learn new, exciting things. You can craft a bird feeder to facilitate the observation job.

  • Nature walk: hiking or simply walking in nature is a great option to get some physical activity while learning about wildlife. Stay fit and discover new, exciting things? Yes, please!

  • Planting trees: we have to care for our world because it is the only one we have so far —please, Elon, we are counting on you. Not really, just kidding—. It is important to teach our children to be more eco-friendly, and planting trees is a great way to do that. Plus, they get to dig in the dirt and get messy, and that is something most children will enjoy.

Time to learn new things.

Springtime can also be a great moment to learn new skills. We all remember that time when we learned how to ride a bike.
Let us face it: it is better to do it while the weather is in our favor.

You can teach your children to throw and catch a ball, kick the football, and so much more. It is up to you. Just make sure to promote the outdoor type of games as much as you can.

Creativity at its best.

Now that there is no risk of freezing while being outdoors, you can go all-in with the creativity. A piece of paper and some sidewalk chalk can be two very powerful tools to foster the creativity and imagination of your children.

Your driveway can be the canvas for your children’s next work of art. Or it can also be the playing field for a classic hopscotch game. And do not worry, there is nothing sidewalk chalk does that cannot be erased by the next rainy day.

Now that spring is here, it is time to set up the perfect playing experience for your children, and that’s when Spimbey comes to the rescue.

We know the importance of having activities for your children and the benefits they get when playing outside. Our modular outdoor playsets are the perfect and final addition to transforming your garden into a place your children will love to be.

We want to help you create beautiful memories your children will treasure later in life.

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