A playhouse with slide and swing, or a playhouse with a sandpit. What other choices do we offer? When you start searching online for a play set or outdoor playsets, you will easily find hundreds of online stores. There are not only webshops, but also hundreds of accounts using Amazon and other e-commerce solutions. 

We all aim to please your backyard discovery. In fact, we also use many of those channels. But here in Spimbey we only aim for high quality. High quality in service, in product and in delivery.  Firstly, as parents we know how hard it can be to find the right product and the right supplier to trust. Most importantly, we decided to solve these issues with Spimbey.

Modular outdoor playsets: not only a playhouse with slide and swing but more, much more.

So, what are modular outdoor playsets for us? With Modular, we express the flexibility we offer in our products. You may have been looking for a wooden swing set next to your picnic table, or sandpit. You may have been looking for just a playhouse. Then you suddenly find yourself learning more and about outdoor play. 

And as a parent you always want the best for your kids. So you read about heavy duty products, pre drilled products, cedar wood and other materials. And you become an expert in no time.  But things are not as easy as they look.

We built modular playsets so you can decide what to purchase and what to install in no time. And if in the future you wish you change your first setup so you could do it easily. If you wish you increase one or two modules, that would be easy as well. 

The Choices

Whether it is a monkey bar or a steering wheel, there are many items that you can include in your online order. But most of the time you need to buy each item from a different supplier. And in the worst case, they might not even fit at all together.

Sometimes we encounter items that look perfect in the picture but in reality they are a nightmare. And these items may not even be childproof.  You can find high quality gorilla playsets and a rock climbing wall at the park but that doesn’t mean they are easy to find online.

Our Team at Spimbey, started by the cofounders, decided to create something different.  The modular outdoor playsets come in different sizes, in different colours and they offer a number of different setups for your backyard.  

Our wooden outdoor playsets were built to endure. Moreover, we guarantee the quality of each item used in our products. Certainly, you will find a number of benefits in our website, and in our manuals. 

Above all, we decided to focus on every single detail surrounding our products. From the bolts, to the wood and from the wood swing set to the wave slide. Furthermore, we considered that every play fort is every kids castle. So we decided to add multiple perks to our playset, such as a telescope, and a sandpit. 

Here is our list of sets you will find aside from the playhouse with slide and swing:

Whether you look for a specific wood material like a cedar swing set, we got you covered. We have chosen the materials carefully. As well as the treatments given to each of them for endurance and sustainability. 

Playhouse with slide and swing spimbey outdoor playsets

What can you expect

We mentioned before about our Modular and customizable playset elements (swings, outdoor playhouse and play decks). In addition, we would like to explain more about our Pre-assembled wall and roof panels. They are made for your convenience. In that matter, we consider that the time of assembly should also be a moment of proudness for the parents.

After all, we all dream to build each part of our home with our own hands. And that includes the playsets that we build for our children. That is something that will remain in your memory forever.

Secondly we enforce the utilization of 100% responsible wood from responsible mills & forests. We believe in quality but we also believe in sustainability. And although wood is one of our main materials. We also consider that it is important that the mills and the forests are well managed for the future.

We have such a close relationship with the mills and material suppliers that we work with. Hence, we are able to offer a Lifetime warranty on all wooden components. Surely each detail and colour surrounding your backyard needs to be top quality.

The Swiss Safe Design with an unique swiss wooden roof design was accomplished due to the fact that be believe in style. If you are a parent like us, you want to be in complete joy when you look at your backyard. Furthermore, you wish to invite your family and friends. And you can’t afford to have something less stylish than what we offer.

The Development of each playset was made to  to comply & exceed ASTM + EN71 standards. We made it as an objective of our company to only use safe materials complying to safety regulations around the globe. The products of Spimbey are reliable and ensure you have a good time with your children. 

There are a number of tight quality and control protocols in production applied. Our goal is to create a carefree environment for the parents. They need to feel in complete control of the safety of their children. That’s what we offer with Spimbey.

How you build it 

The PRE PRE PRE SPIMBEY method means no other than Pre-labeled, pre-drilled, pre-stained, pre-cut, pre-sanded wood.  In fact, we made our products in such a way that building would be fun. No more headaches finding the right piece. We give you all the tools you need.

Furthermore we believe in delivering good service. And we accomplish it with strong packaging and safe shipping around the globe. All in all, we use warehouses around the different continents with quality controls. In short, our service of delivery must be as good as our products.

About our products like the playhouse with slide and swing

Have you ever seen Colorful tarps, easy snap-on swappable and customizable designs? That is what you get with Spimbey. You can choose the colours even for 4 different layouts. In fact, we made it possible to choose different colours that could match the colour background of your own home. The perfect playhouse with slide and swing.

With the possibility of an Easy assembly for the parents, thanks to pre-labeled, less parts and pre-assembled wall + roof panels. Certainly, you don’t need to hire any extra expert to help you assemble your playset.  We are confident that if you invite your children to help, you will create an unforgettable family moment. 

Finally we also included custom stained and colorful fun play features and cool accessories. They are included accordingly in the playsets. We know for a fact that there are about 100 ways your children can enjoy our playsets. We will make sure to create a list of games in our next articles. 

Lastly, we believe in Simple and clear, step-by-step instructions manuals.  Something you can study in just a few moments, and then start to build with joy. Because the wow moment is when you see your children playing with your own creation. The moment when the playsets create even a stronger bonding with your children. And not only with your family but with creativity and adventure. 

That is what we call The Spimbey Experience.

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