Spimbey Got Your Back: Great Memorial Day Discounts.

Memorial Day weekend is probably a holiday weekend we are always looking for. Memory plays such an important role in the way we see things as well as the traditions we follow. During these days, we have the opportunity to put a stop to our crazy daily lives and honor those who have served our nation.

Furthermore, this is also the perfect time to find deals to buy those things we want for our home or our personal life. Brands all over the country offer great options to get those products on which we have our eyes set. Find discounts during the holiday weekend is as easy as clicking something on the internet.

Usually, discounts are for men and women. However, at Spimbey, our priority is to provide every family with a chance to get one of our modular outdoor playsets, which are guaranteed to provide hours of joy and lovely moments.

We have a thing or two to say about quality outdoor furniture that can light up your backyard and deliver the greatest playing experience at the same time. We have come up with a promo code you can use to save 30 % on all of our playsets.

SUMMERFUN at checkout is your ticket to the chocolate factory. Great moments lie ahead with Spimbey as an ally. We didn’t want anyone behind on this memorial day discounts movement.

Why go with Spimbey?

At Spimbey, we understand that buying a playset is something that you may want to think about a time or two. After all, like all the other things you can find on sale during memorial day, a playground is also an investment

As we provide a great playing experience, we also deliver style and security. Our products are made from 100% sustainable wood from responsible mills & forests.

Our wood is Chinese Cedar. Chinese Cedar is part of the Cypress family of woods. The Cypress family woods are soft but durable, easily worked, resistant to bugs and termites, and resist decay. This means that this is a wood that already comes with natural protection against the most common agents of decay for patio furniture.

Modular designs equal tons of chances for fun.

But besides the quality of the wood, which is a safe bet when it comes to having a long lifespan, our modular designs are the answer you have been looking for to transform your backyard into a land of possibilities.

If you think about it, most playgrounds come with set designs you cannot modify later in the future. Yet, having a Spimbey is like having a giant pile of Legos. You can start with something as simple as our three-position swing set and keep adding other components such as play decks, playhouses, or monkey bars.

Since safety will always be a priority for us, each set is carefully manufactured to ensure there are no rough edges or sharp corners.

Our wooden outdoor playsets have a high degree of visibility, which means parents and carers can see exactly what children are doing while they play: no hidden corners or out-of-view hazards. We know every chance a parent has to ease their mind about the playing experience of their children is always welcome.

Join the wave of early memorial day sales to give your children the fun times they deserve. Creating golden memories will feel like a breeze with Spimbey at home.

Remember, SUMMERFUN at checkout will save you up to 30% on all our products. You will also get free delivery with your purchase.

Spimbey is the ally of fun and great times with all the family around.

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