Spimbers, we have to talk. 

Yeah, we know, nothing good has ever started with those three words. 

Do not worry; it is not the end of the world, but since all of you have been an amazing and loving community, we believe it is only right for us to explain in simple words what is going on with the world. 

As all of you know, since the one who must not be named made its debut in our lives to change them completely, many businesses around the globe were affected by the consequences of this pandemic.

Due to the fact we live in a global economy, the problems and complications in the chain distribution and its logistics have affected the ability of businesses to keep up with the demand for products from people around the globe. 

Unfortunately, Spimbey is not an exception to this scenery. Let us explain to you a little bit more what is going on. 

More demand but fewer products. 

Have you ever noticed in your local grocery store that some products disappear from the shelves for weeks and even months? 

Believe it or not, one of the roots of the problems with the chain distribution is related to an increase in the consumption of products. People went from going to the office to staying at home all day, every single day. 

As a consequence, people have more money and more time to spend that money, but businesses are not being able to keep up with that increase in demand because this situation is complete without precedents in recent history. 

Not enough containers and high fees.

Companies that depend on international trade are facing a shortage of containers to transport raw materials and finished products, which has led to higher freight costs.

In 2021 alone, more than five million containers were produced, and even then, they were not enough to prevent the problems in the chain distribution. 

The Chinese economy has suffered during the pandemic.

A huge part of the global economy depends on China and its distribution logistics. Spimbey’s products, which are produced in China, have suffered from the many problems the country is facing in terms of raw materials and manpower. 

It is nobody’s fault, of course. Everyone is doing their best to keep up with the demand while solving all the health-related problems this pandemic has brought upon us. 

Problems with overseas transportation.

Everyone is trying to survive and make the best out of this situation, and sometimes that creates conflicts of interest.

Overseas transportation is becoming a real problem for companies, such as Spimbey, which depends on this type of carrier to move their products from point A to point B. 

In addition to that, once the products reach their destinations the vast majority of businesses are facing problems with land transportation since truck drivers are hard to come by these days. 

That is pretty much how things are looking in the present day. Our intention is not to alarm you. 

You trusted in us and it is only fair for us to respond to that with some explanation about the situation and the delay in the shipping of your playgrounds. 

We have an incredible, international team working extremely hard to meet your demands. We are not here to fill you up with excuses. We bring solutions. 

As you know from following our weekly blogs, we take fun very seriously. We are fully committed to overcoming this situation and keep growing with you. 

Thank you for your patience and faith in us and our products


The Spimbey Team. 

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