Some of the Benefits of Competitive Sports.

Children who participate in sports tend to be more active and fit overall. Physical activity has proved to be a critical component for a better and more efficient cognitive process.

This particular study found that children stay focused and on task more efficiently after a little break where they were allowed to free-play, play sports, or simply distract themselves. This means that play breaks and other strategies can be great tools to help our children reach their best potential.

However, as our kids grow older, they might want to participate in competitive sports. Sometimes, as parents, we fear our children becoming obsessive with winning and losing or becoming bullies that would do anything just for a win.

Outside, the real world is full of competitions. There are power struggles, struggles in the work environment. However, leaving aside the negative connotation of competition, and those who use it in an exploitative or unfair way, we focus on the best that children can get out of competitive sports: competing with themselves.

It is the healthiest competition and the one that will bring the best outcome.

There is nothing “wrong” about engaging in a competitive sport as long as we teach our children some fundamentals about competition. Let us learn more about some of the other benefits of competitive sports.

Team sports: common and individual goals.

One of the most outstanding benefits of team sports is that helps our children to set up and work towards a common goal with the other members of the team.

Sports teach us about winning and losing and also about working closely with others to “get the work done”. Goal setting can be complicated for young children, but competitive sports can extend a hand to them and teach about discipline.

Besides, competitive sports foster a very important value in childhood: the value of effort. They have to achieve a goal, and they will work hard to do it.

The lovely side of losing.

We know it: losing sucks, and the heading probably does not have too much sense to you, but hear us out.

Many great athletes throughout history have talked about how losing is actually far more common than winning. Children will have to face the idea that, no matter how hard they have tried, sometimes, it is just not enough (and that is OKAY). Learning to lose is an important learning process in life.

When a child learns to lose, they are ready to get back up and try again. It is the value of perseverance.

Of course, they must learn to overcome frustration in the face of defeat. It is at this moment when, almost without realizing it, they develop resilience, that is, the ability to overcome life’s obstacles.

Enhance cognitive abilities.

As we had mentioned before, playing sports or doing any physical activity helps our brain to function more efficiently.

In that same order of ideas, playing competitive sports can present a golden opportunity for our children to develop problem-solving skills. Think strategically about the best way to defeat the opponent while working with others.

More than that, a competitive sport will nurture discipline, self-regulation, and commitment in our children. These cognitive and emotional abilities will come in handy later in life.

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