Small Backyard Playground: What to Look For

Playground equipment is one of those safe bets you can take to guarantee hours of fun and joy. However, play equipment can take up a lot of your outdoor space, and if you have a small yard, this can become an absolute headache.
Lucky enough, Spimbey is here to rescue all those with small backyards. We will leave nobody behind in the fight for fun and lovely moments. Kids will love to hang around the playground and you will enjoy watching them have fun.
Here are some of the things you must take into consideration if you are planning to transform your backyard into a great play area for your children.

Safety is paramount, even for a small backyard playground.

As you know from following our weekly blogs, safety is something we do not take for granted. Play areas are spots for fun, yes, but they are also dangerous zones where many injuries can occur. Outdoor play does not have to be a headache for anybody.
It is important not to sacrifice the basic safety standards for playground equipment despite having a small backyard. You should comply with the following recommendations:
  • 6 feet at the front and back of the play area. This is especially important for swing sets. Your children will play on the playground but also around it; that is why they should have sufficient available space to monkey around.
  • Cover the area with good shock-absorption material to prevent serious injuries. You can find out more about these kinds of material here.
  • If the installation will take place on grass, be sure to check for any soft spots in the ground before proceeding with the rest of the installation process.
You can think about the BBQ area and the picnic table after you have followed these basic guidelines for safety.

Small backyards and a wooden playset will be friends forever.

Let us face it: when thinking about having a playground at home, aesthetics are a factor to consider; even more, if you do not have too much space available.
If you are about to put a playground that will take almost all the space you have well, it better look good, right?
Wooden playgrounds —like the ones you can find at— are a perfect match for small spaces because they will look good around all the green you have left.
For a small yard, a playground will be like the centerpiece of the area. Planning your backyard around the playground is easier if you have some stylish options at your disposal.
A wooden swing set or a wooden playset will do the work in keeping the aesthetics of the whole outdoor space. More than that, wood offers more possibilities for customization than other materials like plastic or metal.
The playground can become an art project if you are up to the task. If not, wood already will provide a sweet contrast in your backyard while other materials like plastic can come in more loudly colors.

Is this just a playhouse?

Even though we’ve been talking about not having too much room, having the opportunity to transform the playhouse into something bigger is also great.
The vast majority of outdoor playsets are a one-piece type of equipment, which basically means that you cannot do anything more with them once you buy them.
Here is where Spimbey comes to the rescue. We offer up to 8 different types of modular playsets from which you can choose to fit both your available space and your economy.
You can start simple and end up with a whole playground with a swing set with a trapeze bar and a sandpit in the background. Our wooden playsets are like building blocks. You can add more fun anytime you want —or when you have clear even more room for joy—.
Play areas will no longer be dull or grey with Spimbey as your partner in crime.
No matter how much space you have, we can fit in your home and guarantee hours of fun.
Our main goal is to be a part of your family’s journey to dear memories.
Visit our shop today and see for yourself all the options we have available for you and your family.
Our team is eager to hear from you and answer all the questions you have.
Spimbey is the pinned location for fun.

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