Screen-Free Activities for Children to Have Fun and Learn.

As parents, probably one of the most recurrent concerns we have is how to control or measure the amount of screen time we allow our children. Sometimes, we tend to resort to bight screen devices as a way to keep our children entertained, but mostly, calm and in one place.

But, children should not be in front of a screen for long periods since this can hinder their development in certain areas. Even though screen time is not inheritably bad, we should be cautious about the amount of time our children spend on them in their early years.

So, how can we find a balance between activities for kids fun enough to draw them out of the screens while teaching them something useful or new? Since Spimbey is the ally of fun and we take it very seriously, we have come up with some unique screen-free activities for kids all family members can participate in.

Let the fun begins.

A comic book creation.

This is a great activity, especially suited for older kids. We live in a world full of superheroes and villains and interstellar adventures; comic books are cool once more, so our children are probably exposed to them on a regular basis.

Creating their own comic book will give your children a chance to express their imagination and use their creativity to come up with a story and a set of characters for that particular plot.

Of course, it does not really matter if the story does not have much sense; the important is that your children are creating and expressing themselves.

Besides, this activity can help you in other contexts. If your children are having problems with writing or reading, creating their own comic book will provide them with a great opportunity to gain knowledge and reinforce what they already know.
But remember, art projects will always be a safe bet when looking for a chance to step out of bright screens.

Contact with mother nature.

As you can imagine, at Spimbey we are huge fans of outdoor activities that put our children in direct contact with nature and all its wonders.

There are many fun activities once you are out in the open to provide your kid with a great playing afternoon. Here are some of them:

  • Treasure hunt.

  • Scavenger hunt.

  • Bird watching.

  • Hiking in the woods.

  • Playing sports like football or the classic throw and catch.

  • Gardening.

  • Rock painting (trust us, painted rocks can be hilarious).

  • Hula hoop.

  • Blowing bubbles is always fun.

All these are free activities that do not require too much to carry them on and can bring a lot of fun to an afternoon away from bright screens.

But, if you want to step and level up the outdoor playing experience, you know Spimbey is here for you. Our modular outdoor playsets are crafted following strict international security standards, with high-quality wood that delivers an aesthetic product that looks amazing in your backyard.

You can transform your patio into a wonderland where your children can play and explore the outdoors while having crazy fun. Visit our webshop and take advantage of our ongoing deals. Take home the joy of play.

Oh, mama, papa, let us bake something!

Taking the children to the kitchen can always be a little bit too messy, but no question that it is the kind of activity children can enjoy, especially if the final product is something tasty.

It may not seem like it, but children can learn a lot while doing cooking-related activities like molding, whisking, or simply putting things from one bowl to another. They get a chance to use and strengthen their fine and gross motor skills while making delicious plates. Here are some cool things to do in the kitchen area:

  • Food coloring: let us face it, food is funnier if it has colors.

  • Popsicle sticks: healthy popsicles with fruit and Greek yogurt can be the perfect afternoon treat. Let your children create their own combinations of flavors.

  • Food decorating.

  • Cookies with crazy forms: using a mold is too old-fashioned. With your help, your children can cut the dough in a way they like.

And hey, make sure to teach your children to clean up the mess!

Play a board game.

Board games are and will always be a classic escape from a bright screen. Fortunately, board games have evolved well over the years, and these days you can find a huge variety of board games that teach important skills while keeping the challenge alive.

Gather around in the living room or other cozy areas in the house and have some fun with classics like Pictionary or Cranium; or new things like Ark Nova.

Ask your children what type of game they would like to play the most. We can assure you you will find something in today’s board game market.

A word from Spimbey.

You can find fun ideas for kids everywhere but at the end of the day, what matters the most, is to spend quality time with them while growing up.

A phone, a tablet, or a computer can be helpful for our children on their path to acquiring or reinforcing knowledge, and of course, as a way to find some entertainment, but they can also prevent us from spending quality time with our children.
Finding balance is the key to a happy childhood filled with golden memories and lovely times.

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