Pretend play ideas for toddlers

Play ideas for toddlers: Imaginative play is a crucial component in the development of a child. This particular stage of play is where they start to show all the knowledge they have been collecting during their early years. 


Toddlers love pretending to do things like going to the office, using a play kitchen to cook a fancy dinner, and stuff like that. They usually start by copying the things adults do. That is why you can find the little girl trying to fit into mom’s clothes. 


Creativity and imagination are essential for a kid to enhance cognitive development, language, and abstract thinking. If you want to know more about play pretend, you can click on one of our previous blogs about this theme (link al artículo de play pretend)


We have brought you some play pretend ideas you can implement with your kid to have fun and encourage their beautiful imagination. 


So much drama

You can create a dramatic play center and have your kids doing little presentations about almost anything. Have them create small worlds out of their imaginations. A puppet show is a classic, but you can implement other great ideas, like this ones:

  • Once upon a time: usually, children have a favorite story. That one that you have read a thousand times. Kids like to hear the same story because it makes them feel they know something; they like familiarity. Have them recreate a scene from that favorite story. You can keep simple with the costume ideas; the important thing is that the child feels connected to the moment. 
  • Today we will learn: the school pretend play setup is a classic. Children usually love to talk about the things they learn during a school day. The class is in session. Pencil and paper out. This is also a smart way to reinforce the knowledge they’d been receiving —and we all love a win-win situation—
  • Let us pretend the story ends like this: you can connect this idea to the first one. Ask your children what other end they’d use for their favorite story or movie. Put their creative minds to fly and then have them recreate the new ending they have come up with. 


These play ideas for toddlers are better if they can do them in the company of other peers. Social skills are necessary for healthy and comfortable growth. If you can have some of your kid’s friends in this role play scenario with them you’d be creating a great environment to engage in social interaction. 

Adventure time: Play ideas for toddlers

Play activities with an adventure theme are a great way to take kids outside and play. Here are some great ideas:

  • Saving a rare species: this is actually a cool pretend play idea because it has a double purpose. Create a little fence around any of the plants you have in the garden and pretend it is an endangered species. Have your child guard it and take care of it; it is essential for the planet! 
  • Archeology excavation: if you have a sandpit available in the garden, you can bury some old objects in it and have your children discover them. Ask them about what they dig out, help them to build an interesting story about it.


Whether you play these games or others, make sure to engage with your children in pretend situations. Let your imagination fly alongside your kids and have a great deal of fun with their infinite imagination. 


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Care to share any other ideas for play pretend? Leave a comment down below. We would love to read you!

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