A playhouse with slide or a complete outdoor playset come always to our attention as a parent. There are always new activities required for the development of your children. Certainly having a safe playground to visit is one of the weekly tasks we encounter. In fact, being outside surroundings will help them develop a love for the outdoors as well. 

Sooner or later, we ask ourselves: How do we build a playground for our toddlers?

Playhouse with slide Spimbey wooden outdoor playsets

Building a playground starts with a playhouse with slide

We all want to encourage our children to play outside. In fact, by doing these activities at an early age, you accomplish this. And is that, you may be preparing them for a lifetime of outdoor fun and imagination. 

 So, normally we as parents, come up with the idea of building a playground. A playground at the comfort of our own backyard.

Nowadays it is quite easy to find playsets online. In addition, most of the parents living in cities find local playgrounds. And in a radius of 1 to 5 Km, you can start picking up some ideas. A playhouse with a slide for example. 

As parents, we know that it is important to take your child outside to play when they are young. But of course, it is never too late to start. It does not matter the age of your child, you should regularly take them outside and enjoy the fresh air. We should encourage them to play in the backyard or in the park. 

Once you find a suitable set online, we start looking at the demands on how to build one. Then you realize about the ranges of prices and difficulty of assembly.

On a personal note, Marcos, one of the cofounders of Spimbey, had this to say: ¨The first Spimbey was built in my own backyard for my child, Julian. Julian’s friends began asking how they could build their own. That’s how I quickly realized that there was a need for intentionally designed playspaces. 

So our company focused on creating playsets that were not only safe and stylish. But items that are easy and fun to build. Starting with a playhouse with slide for example.

Spimbey outdoor playsets vs other solutions

At Spimbey, we believe in teaching your child to enjoy the outdoors. As a parent, taking them outside will also be educational.  Many young children, especially toddlers, love to explore. They love to discover new skills with the help of their parents.

 In a swing set or a playhouse with slide, or both. Together as a family, you could explore everything that your backyard and home have to offer.  Because you, as a parent, are the first teacher, the first mentor, their first hero. 

In our first research and development phase, we increasingly saw something. And that is that most of the playground equipment or outdoor playhouse in the market has been developed and produced on the edge. Additionally, the market is flooded with knock-offs of a plastic playhouse from other famous brands. 

Therefore we wanted to offer a different approach.  We want to create pleasantly and desired safe playsets for your children. Moreover, we want to create a solution to the overload of components.

And a solution to the unclear assembly manuals of other playsets in the market. At Spimbey, we avoid headaches by making installing easy, faster, and at a fair price for everyone.

Problems of playsets you should avoid

Firstly about a play set, traditional playsets’ footprints may become a problem in fitting them into a normal backyard. In fact, most of the outdoor playsets come without any pre-assembled, pre-labeled, pre-drilled, pre-cut parts. They also have unclear, complex assembly manuals.

We constantly heard from our market research that some parents, after two days of hard work with a backyard playset, get shocked. They get shocked by the enormous and monstrous design of their end product. In fact, they get mad about having to look at it for many years to come.

At Spimbey our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the person building it. Here are 7 of the many Spimbey benefits you get from us:

  • Find: Pre-assembled wall and roof panels for your convenience
  • Check: Utilization 100% responsible wood from responsible mills & forests
  • Get: Lifetime warranty on all wooden components
  • Must-Have: Development to comply & exceed ASTM + EN71 standards
  • Must Get: Pre-labeled, pre-drilled, pre-stained, pre-cut, pre-sanded wood
  • Also, Easy assembly, thanks to pre-labeled, fewer parts and pre-assembled wall + roof panels
  • Always with a simple and clear, step-by-step instructions manual.
wooden outdoor playsets playhouse with slide and swing

What would you gain with a playhouse with slide or outdoor playset

As a proud parent,  you may want to develop a number of other backyard activities for hours of fun.  These outdoor activities may depend on the age of your children and the play area. Discovering new activities with your family brings you to another conclusion. 

Furthermore, finding certain backyard activities (outdoor play) or games require the purchase of additional equipment. At Spimbey, we build a modular outdoor playsets for one single reason. Because we know that we all want flexibility, even in the playset we build.

We want to make our backyards fun, but they are even better moments. Moments when the areas are explored with friends. We want our children to be able to invite friends over. It is almost guaranteed that they will have a fun and memorable experience in their own backyard.  

A kids playhouse for everyone to enjoy and close to your front porch. In addition to friends, you may also want to organize more activities. In fact, such family activities in your back, such as birthday parties, family reunions, and much more.   So let us give you a helping hand and build a Spimbey at your own home.

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