Playgrounds and Other Outdoor Toys for 8-10-Year-Olds.

To play outdoors is to have fun while learning and developing new abilities. Kids love a good playing session, but if we want to keep encouraging them in the habit of playing outside, we must create a great playing spot filled with fun outdoor toys and enough space for other great activities.

Let us face it, these days, as our children grow older, it can be hard to take them apart from video games and computers and tell them to go outside to play.

8 to 10 year old boys or girls is a very complicated age group. They are starting to socialize and have some friends, and all of a sudden, they can find some activities “not cool enough”.

But, Spimbey is here to bring the fun to the table with a list of great outdoor toys for 8 10 year olds and some games that will keep dullness aside to replace it with hours of fun.

A playground offers a whole set of experiences.

One of the many reasons why a playground is such a safe bet to guarantee children’s fun is because of all of the possibilities they offer for outdoor activities.

Not only playgrounds are amazing tools to help our children develop both social-emotional and physical skills, but they are also like funfairs you can have in your very backyard.

Spimbey is the place where you can find modular outdoor playsets that will allow you to turn your backyard into a land of possibilities. Sometimes, a playground is just a game away from a Castle.

We offer you the possibility to create and preserve memories with your children with playsets they can use during the different stages of their development. From 3 up to 13 years old of age, Spimbey wants to be a part of the lovely journey of your children.
Looking for a swing seat with multiple possibilities? Our Double Glider will do that for you.

Maybe a playhouse that is also the place where children can gather to crack the clues of a scavenger hunt? You can find it here with us!

Perhaps something more physically challenging? We got some monkey bars for children with lots of energy.

With Spimbey, being bored is just not an option. For 8 to 10 years olds, a playset is still a great outdoor toy. They get to drain some energy while using the play area to do other activities like arts and crafts or ring toss.

Bonus idea:
You can use some stickers that glow in the dark to decorate the inside of our playhouses. Throw some walkie-talkies in there, and we know your children will be having some fun.

What about some games?

Capture the flag is a classic game for the outdoors. The best part of it is that you do not actually need many things to deliver a great experience.

If you have a playset, you can use it as a “the flag zone” where the teams need to go and deposit the flag to win the game.

Laser tag is another classic outdoor game. Even though you will need some extra gadgets for this one, it is a fantastic way to have our children do some physical activity outdoors. Once again, if you happen to have a playset in your backyard, the possibility of having a good time increases!

Obstacle courses. Kids, especially at this age, love overcoming challenges. An obstacle course is a fantastic way to promote competition but also teamwork. It can be both collaborative and non-competitive, you can give whatever turn you want.

Think about a ninja warrior type of scenario. Since your children are a little bit older, you can challenge them by leveling up the game. A stopwatch and some creativity are everything you need to create the perfect circuit.

Let the creative juices flow. You can take advantage of outdoor time with your kids and do some crafts with them. Have them look for common garden things like twigs, little rocks, or common flowers and encourage them to create something using those materials.

Being outdoors is not only good because children usually get to sweat a little bit and drain energy, but it also helps them stay mentally healthy. So, if the plan is already being outdoors, doing some art and craft can save the day. Throw in there some delicious snacks, and you got yourself a great afternoon.

Spimbey brings to the table a new definition of style and fun. We want to offer your family the possibility of great, lovely quality time with all of the outdoor toys for 8-10-year-olds we got to offer!

We understand how hard it can be to make time to be with the ones we love, and Spimbey is here to take some worries out of your head.

Visit our shop and find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Spimbey is the pinned location for fun.

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