Playground Safety Checklist: Don't Skip On This.

Playground safety is no small thing. Every year more than 200,000 children visit the emergency rooms all over the USA with playground-related injuries.

Playground equipment is a fantastic tool to provide our children with the opportunity to play outside and get all the benefits of outdoor activities. But we want to keep everybody smiling and happy. The play area should be full of positive vibes.

Make sure to follow this easy playground safety checklist and let the play continues!

Playground Flooring is a Must.

Every play equipment has some protective surface behind it. It is a sacred union that will keep your children safe and away from being a part of those 200,000 children that goes sideways when playing.

Here are some of the most common options:

  • Sand or pea gravel.

  • Mats made of safety-tested rubber or rubber-like materials.

  • Rubber mulch.

  • Wood chips.

  • Rubber tiles.

We have a complete guide you can read here. Once you have chosen the option that works the best for you, make sure to install the playground and the playground floor material on an area that extends at least 6 feet.

Do not install your playground on exposed concrete, asphalt, or any hard surface. Even with a protective surface, a fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury to our children.

Notice that structures more than 30 inches high will probably need approximately 12 inches of depth in the loose-fill material department.

No matter which option go are going for, double-check the manufacturer of the playground surface is backed by a consumer product safety commission.

Avoiding tripping, falling, and other accidents:

Once you have your protective surface in place, be mindful of the following item in the safety checklist:

  • Check for splintered, broken, or cracked wood; missing, loose, or sharp points in the hardware. Replace, tighten, and or sand smooth as required before playing.

  • Never allow children to wear bikes or sports helmets when using the playground.

  • Do not allow children to walk, in front, between, behind, or close to moving rides.

  • Do not let children twist swing chains or ropes or loop them over the top suspending bar. This may reduce the strength of the chain or rope, causing premature damage and increasing the danger of injuries.

  • Instruc your children to not get off rides while they are in motion.

  • Do not allow your children to swing empty rides or seats. Even though it looks funny, swinging empty seats can cause injuries because it can be hard to control them.

  • Do not allow children to go down the slide headfirst or run up the slide. Yes, definitely this is a hard no. No one wants to deal with a concussion in the middle of the playing session.

  • Do not permit climbing on equipment when it is wet.

  • Avoid jumping or standing over the roof of the playground.

At Spimbey, we care about safety more than anything else. We want to give children and parents alike the opportunity to transform their lives through the power of play. Keeping everybody safe will always be a primary concern for us.

Spimbey is your ally to build golden memories.

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