Playground Age Groups: Can my Children Play on This?

Playground equipment is a fantastic tool to help us provide our children with the opportunity to go outside, have some fun and build social and cognitive skills.

However, we must be very careful when allowing our children to play on the different play structures. There are several age groups for the different play areas which means that some playing is “reserved” for a specific age group.

Ignoring these indications can result in injuries, and playing time is supposed to be a fun time. Playground safety is no joke. Only in the US, more than 200.000 children visit the emergency room with playground-related injuries.

A big chunk of that statistic is related to children doing playing activities on equipment that is not suited for the age range where they at.

And you may be wondering, Why have different playground age groups?

The main reason is that children need to overcome different developmental stages during their childhood. For example, a 2-5 years old kid will not have the same strength in their upper limbs as a child that is maybe in a more advanced stage, like school age.

Therefore, respecting those stages of development and understanding the implications they have on our children’s physical strength and ability is a crucial factor in keeping them safe and out of the statistic.

Besides, older kids tend to get annoyed by playgrounds that do not represent a challenge for them so, as they grow older, we should try to provide other alternatives to have fun without going straight to the bright screens.

At Spimbey, we create and provide playgrounds for children of all ages, and we do it with our modular designs, which allow you to keep adding components to the playground as your children grow and become more adventurous.

We understand that a playground is an investment for your children and family. We want to honor that with playsets that grow with your kids.

Toddlers and older children alike are welcome in the realm of fun Spimbey is creating around the world. Our playsets are suited for children between 3 to 13 years old of age.

However, just for the sake of it, let us talk a little bit more about recommendations for play equipment and the different age groups.

Types of playground and age groups

So, now that you have a playground at home full of different components and accessories, let us learn some basic recommendations for using them:

  • Slides: toddlers can use slides with adult help. Children from 5-12 years should not have problems while using them.

  • Swing sets: 6 years and older children can use swing sets by themselves (with adult supervision, of course). For younger kids, we recommend assistance from parents. At Spimbey we have a baby swing set seat you can add to your purchase if you want to swing your baby in a safe way.

  • Climbing frames: again, this type of structure is suited for older kids, preferably from 6 years of age.

  • Monkey bars: this is definitely one of the children’s favorite playground components and also one of the most dangerous ones if not used properly. We recommend this component for children from 8 years and older.

Make sure that every time you are looking for a playground, the brand has its products tested by regulators and a consumer product safety commission.

Spimbey is the place where fun and style get to hang out. We are looking for backyards around the globe to transform them into lands of possibilities.

Visit our shop and find the perfect Spimbey for you and your family.

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