Play Dates: How to Throw Them and Why They are Good.

Playing is a crucial component of child development. Children learn by playing and interacting with their surroundings.

They learn how the world functions while reaching developmental milestones both in the physical and cognitive fields. Among the many benefits of playing, there is one that is particularly beneficial for our children, and it is related to the social component.

Playing encourages social interactions between our children and their peers. Developing social skills at the early stages of development will be important for the latter stages of our children’s lives.

Play dates are amazing to foster social exchanges in our kids. However, everything can easily go sideways if you do not organize the activity properly. Let us know why play dates are a good idea and how to throw a great one.

Benefits of play dates.

As we already established, play dates will help your children develop social skills, but what else do they do for our children?

  • It teaches team emotional growth: when children play with one another, they learn about empathy and sympathy: two of the most important emotions when it comes to forming relationships with people. Putting yourself in the shoes of another person is something very beautiful to learn.

  • Helps them understand sharing: babies and toddlers are not used to sharing. This is normal since parents and caretakers had been giving them basically everything they wanted and needed. But know that they are stepping into the latter stages of development, when they will be forced to be with others, they must grasp the concept of sharing with others. Play dates or o play times with other children can help form this idea in their heads. Of course, you should not expect any miracle in the first play dates, but with enough exposure to others, your child will slowly learn how to do it.

  • Teaches them to look for help in others: yeah, we know, sometimes we want to do everything by ourselves. Moreso, it is true that independent play is something children must do. However, play dates will help your child understand that seeking help from others like them is something positive. For older kids, stepping into the first years of school, this ability will come in handy.

As you can see, play dates can be the ultimate tool to help your children create good social habits and skills.

But like everything in life, to have the expected results, we must create a balanced environment for both children to avoid the disaster.

Let us jump right into how you can throw a great play date.

Planning ahead and executing with success.

  • Plan outdoor activities. Give the children the opportunity to be close in an open space.

  • Invite kids with similar personalities to your children.

  • Plan activities ahead. We want everything to be perfect, but in reality, children need some sort of “break the ice” kind of activity to help them generate trust. More than that, having activities planned will help you keep everything under control.

  • Talk with your children first. Let them know what would happen and establish some rules before going into the activity.

  • Have several types of activities at disposal. jumping around in the garden is great, but play-pretend games or art and crafts are also a great way to gather kids.

Play dates are better if there is a playground involved in the equation.

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