Talking about outdoor wooden climbing frames… If your home only has a small garden, you may feel somewhat restricted and like you only have a few things you could do with the space. However, just because your garden is not quite as big as you would like it, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a climbing frame for your children to enjoy and use up all that boundless energy on.

We understand that you want to do what is best for your children. By thinking outside the box a little and opting for one of the modular outdoor climbing frames we have here at Spimbey, you can make the best use of the little space you have while providing fun activities for your children.

They can enjoy from the comfort of their own back garden, rather than having to take them to the park all the time.

outdoor climbing frame

Modular Design Can Be Adapted to Suit Your Needs

WE have a wide range of playhouse climbing frames that offer unique, modular additions that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your garden space. If you have very little in the way of ground space, you may prefer the Spimbey Swing Set and Play deck that features a ladder and three-position swing set.

Whereas if you have a bit more space to work with at either side of the standard play deck and playhouse, you may want to take advantage of the double glider swing set option.

Rather than occupying a large area of ground, these are designed very compactly so that they can fit in even the narrowest of spots. In addition to the full-size sets, you can also invest in additional features and accessories to give your children and their friends more to keep them occupied as they enjoy playtime outside.


Swiss Safe Design Developed to Comply and Exceed Safety Standards, with our wooden outdoor climbing frames

It’s not enough for the garden play equipment you choose for your children to just fit into the available space. It has to be safe because you don’t want them to suffer injury.

That is why we can guarantee that all of the climbing frames with swings are designed to meet the current ASTM and EN71 safety standards. The specialist swiss designs of our pieces, whether it’s the swing and slide set or outdoor wooden climbing frames are secure and sturdy and will not fall apart or cause your children injuries.

100% Responsibly Sourced Wood

As well as protecting your little ones, we appreciate that as forward-thinking parents you may be concerned about doing your bit for the environment. That is why we guarantee to only use wood from 100% responsible forests and mills. Sustainability is hugely important to us.

Easy to Assemble Flatpack Outdoor Play Equipment

We know only too well that it can be a disaster and many headaches waiting to happen when you buy climbing walls and outdoor wooden play equipment that has not been designed very well. Poorly laid out and almost blank instructions can make things incredibly frustrating. That is why we assure you that all Spimbey toys and equipment come with easy-to-follow instructions and easy to assemble components.

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