14 Things about babies, outdoor playsets and swing sets

What are the basics to know about outdoor playsets and swing sets you should know as a parent.  Certainly, most of us can agree that having children is a blessing. Further, many of us become parents and start reading as many books as possible about the subject.  In addition, we gather tips and tricks from family members and friends.  

Our Spimbey Family decided to share with you as many tips as possible about outdoor activities. In fact, we want to connect any dots related to our outdoor playsets and swing sets. We invited everyone in the team to ask questions and then we all answered them together. We hope it helps you. 

1. What makes a playground great?

A playground is a meeting point for parents and children. It’s A place where you can meet with each other’s friends and share stories or experiences. It is fun to discover how the imagination of children works in such places.  People make a playground great. 

Whether it is a public playground or one of the Spimbey outdoor playsets and swing sets in your own backyard, you need people around them.

2. What are the best outside toys for children?

Every season we discover new trends of toys for children. Some of them become even quite expensive. Yet there are some toys that never grow old. Certainly, we recommend having a bucket toy set to use in a sandpit. 

Another recommended toy is the ice cream or cupcake form sets for sandpits as well. A beach ball might be quite big at the start but plastic balls are surely a kid’s favorite.  

3. Have playgrounds become boring?

Boring… Not in this world! Children love to visit playgrounds. In fact, many children might even scream the moment they learn about you leaving the playground.  Yet, the issue now is about safety and cleanness. Not every city hall makes its best effort to keep playgrounds clean and safe for families.  

You should be always careful about the garbage you could find in public playgrounds. Our goal with Spimbey outdoor playsets is to guarantee quality products for your family.  In the comfort of your own backyard, you can make sure that the place is always safe and never boring.


4. What is the best thing kids enjoy in a kid’s park?

A kid´s park is a great place to exercise new skills for your children. Physical skills demand training, and this is where parents can shine. You can be their first support while overcoming their first physical challenges in a kid’s park. And that is a great form to create a stronger bond between parents and children. 

We all love to have a picnic table set for the whole family. Imagine the option of having a swing set of Spimbey next to your picnic table. Now imagine your next kid’s birthday right in your own backyard, your very own kid´s park. 


5. What are the general characteristics of natural playgrounds?

A general characteristic of natural playgrounds is indeed the use of trees.  If you are one of the lucky ones close to a forest or a large park, then you surely have seen one of those natural playgrounds.  We need to be confident about the care and love for nature. Therefore taking care of keeping the natural playground clean should be one important lesson for children. 


6. What outdoor activity would make you feel like a kid again?

As a parent, the more comfortable you are with playing with your children outside, the more energetic you will feel. 

For your own sake, we recommend you do some sort of physical activity regularly. Running, jogging, soccer, kung fu, they are all good for you. Certainly, if you wish to feel like a kid again, there are activities such as zip-lining. That will make you feel like a kid again.

7. Why are playgrounds important to a child’s development?

Playgrounds are important to your child’s development. A public playground can be a great opportunity for your kid to meet new friends. Also, a place to exercise daily and discover the potential of their own creativity and imagination.  If you are able to place a playhouse in your own backyard, then you have no doubts about the fun it brings with it. 

At Simbey we also considered the style that a playset should have. After all, these playsets are part of your home and they should bring up the style at your place. 

8. Can adults use bounce houses?

In our experience, bounce houses might not be suitable for adults. You should always keep a close watch on your children while in a bounce house. Is important to know that they work under air pressure and if the pressure stops, your children should quickly leave. In case your children have a bounce house, you should regularly check all the materials as well. 

Just like with our modular playsets, we recommend all playsets be monitored periodically. We even give a lifetime guarantee on all our wooden items.

9. Do you remember back to your age of kindergarten?

Ok, this question might have a different answer in our team. Yet in general, we all come to one conclusion.  The kindergarten is the place where your children learn for the first time to trust in others rather than your own family. Certainly, their first teacher becomes a person of importance in their lives. 

After hours of fun, they also learn to play and spend time with other children while in kindergarten.

As a parent, you should try to talk to their teachers as much as possible.  In order to know how to be a part of their learning experience, you should learn about the subjects you can repeat at home with your children.

10. What are the things that remind you of your childhood? Maybe outdoor playsets and swing sets?

Kids playing is definitely something that reminds you of your childhood. Yet, if we talk about things specifically, we are sure that a wooden playset, a tube slide,  monkey bars, or even swing sets will do the trick. There is a quote of Bob Dylan, saying: Where you are not busy living, you are busy dying. 

We believe that there is a time to be a child every day. And that time is when you allow yourself to have fun with your children. 

11. What is the best gift for a newborn baby?

What gift makes the parents of a newborn happy? With a new baby, they will need a lot of new stuff. Most of the things you need at the very beginning are already bought before the baby is born. Most people will give them fun items, like stuffed animals or cute little clothes.

 Very adorable, but probably they will get more of these than needed. So are there luxury but yet practical gifts that the parents will need after a while? You can think of bed linen, warm blankets, cutlery, and pottery services. 

12. What are the best things to do on a day off work with your children?

Oh! Those free days are always the best. Certainly, we must remember that they are great opportunities to have great family moments. You can visit the local zoo for example and see how the animals enjoy outdoor play. The Aquarium and surely the local playground is one of your best options. 

Yet, if you decide to use one of those free days to build your own Spimbey outdoor playset, we got you covered. Our outdoor playsets can be assembled in one hour.  Having outdoor playsets and swing sets in your own backyard could be a dream come true for children.

13. What are the perks of living in a small town in your country? Are there outdoor playsets and swing sets?

Well, this answer surely changes a bit from country to country. Yet, something that won´t change in any small town is that any news goes fast. If you are creating your own playground in your backyard, we are sure that the whole town will soon know about it. 

14. What items do you really need with a newborn baby?

After having a chat with the moms in the team we came out with this list. It seems to get the items that you will definitely need in the first months:

Dresser with changing pad

baby bath

bath towel

Hydrophilic cloths and extra-large hydrophilic cloths

baby nest

Blankets, preferably wool for the winter, cotton for the summer




Musical mobile spinning wheel

Butt wipes and dispenser box for it

Changing mat for the road

diaper bag

commode basket

Please, also keep in mind that you will receive lots of presents for your baby from family and friends. Therefore don´t worry too much about clothing or toys. Certainly, you will get a ton of those in the previous months before your child is born. 

Last but not least, may we dare to say that by the time your kid grows, outdoor play will start. And here at Spimbey, we will be waiting to help you further. 

We hope you liked this list of questions for new parents. We hope you know now more about the importance of spending time outside playing with your children. 

We wish you the best years to come with your family.

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  1. It was a pleasure to read that! Swings are a lot of fun for youngsters in addition to all of the exercises they need to strengthen their muscles. It not only serves as a place for youngsters to unwind and share stories, but it also teaches them about balance.

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