Outdoor playhouse furniture ideas for you and your kids

When it comes to playing outside, there is nothing like a playhouse to ensure years and years of really good fun for your children and their friends. 

By themselves, playgrounds are attractive and funny to be around. However, these days they can lose the race again technology and other types of gadgets. To make sure that does not happen to us, here we bring you some outdoor playhouse furniture ideas so you can give a new and fresh look to the very same old game. Let us begin!

Painting is always the beginning of things.

If you have a Spimbey customized playground, you already have something beautiful in your hands, but that does not mean you cannot improve it even more. 

Wooden playhouses have the advantage of being incredibly easy to revive with a simple coat of paint. Furthermore, this gives you an amazing opportunity to bond with your children by doing something fun outside. 

It is known that painting and other artistic activities have a huge impact on the development of our children’s brains, improving their creativity and enhancing their motor skills. Let your kids choose a color and let them paint a small part of the playground so they can have that sense of doing something by themselves. 

When you finish, the child will have a space of his own making which can further contribute to feeling the playground as something truly theirs. 

Little furniture. Little home.

Let us face it: kid-size furniture is simply way too cute. Nothing melts our hearts more than a little dining table with chairs, a tinny mailbox, or a kitchen. Having all these features may seem like a luxury or even a bit excessive; however, think of them as an opportunity to invite your kids outdoors.

When it comes to outdoor playhouse furniture ideas, the sky is the limit. If you fill your children’s playground with different, small furniture, you can significantly increase the level of fun and attraction that the playhouse has. 

We want them to play with it right? Well, a great idea is to put furniture related to their interests. A good playground is built with a keen observation, so we can know what our kids like to do and then surround that environment with things related to it. 

For example, let us say that your kid likes to read well you can create a small corner filled with little cushions and carpets so they can sit and read in a space of their own. Let them be a part of the construction of this little place, and the results will follow. 

Plot twist: you can even put a small box somewhere and teach them to put their toys inside at the end of the playing session —how does not like a win-win situation, right?—

Lights, camera, action!

When we talk about outdoor playhouse furniture ideas, lights are a no-brainer. Why is that? Simply because it is a cost-effective way to revive and twist the way the playground looks. Christmas lights will come in handy for this task. 

However, if you are worried about safety, as any parent on this planet —electricity is something not to fool around— these days you can find USB-charged light bulbs that you can stick in many different parts of the playground. That way, your children will not be near any power source that can cause an accident. 

At Spimbey, we take fun very seriously. That is why our mission is to provide customized, safe playhouses, so you can rest assured knowing that your children will be having fun for a very long time. We deliver quality and comfort for all family members. 

You put the space. We put the fun. 

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