Outdoor fun is the way to go

outdoor fun is the way to go now more than ever. Children need to play outside so they can learn how to interact with their world. Here you will learn some benefits of playing outdoors and how you can improve the experience. Few things beat the excitement of having the possibility of going outside to play. There is something almost magical about running around and sweating a few drops. 

Even in these times where technology seems to have won the race for the entertainment of our children, there is still space for the classical games that we played during our childhood. 

However, it is true that laptops, PlayStations, Xbox, phones, and other tech devices have been gaining territory for the attention of our kids. 

Do not get us wrong: these devices serve a great purpose when put to good use. Some educational games and software will teach our kids important things like languages, math, and even science. As parents, we should leave a space for these types of devices since they play a key role in the reinforcement of subjects our kids learn in school. 

Unfortunately, there is no tech device yet that can substitute the physical activity that our children need. Outdoor play and activity its more than just that. When kids play outside, they benefit from this activity in many ways.

For example:


  • Motor skills: fine and gross motor skills will develop accordingly if their bodies have to face certain situations like stepping into a climbing frame. 
  • Improvement of physical condition: if you had seen a toddler walking, you’d probably have noted how they do it funnily. This is because our bodies are not well proportioned and balanced when we are children. However, if kids play outside, they will strengthen their bodies and will have a better understanding of their surroundings. 
  • Social engagement: outdoor activity will put kids of all ages to interact with themselves, and doing so, develop social skills needed for them to have a life full of friends.

As you can see, there is a whole lot of territory where tech cannot reach out just yet. If we want our kids to have all these components in their development, we have to come up with an environment that provides all the right opportunities for this to happen. 

An outdoor playset is an answer you’ve been looking for. Outdoor fun is the way to go 

The times we live on are complicated. We have learned that going outside might not always be possible. But even when possible, it can affect the health of our children. There is no better solution to this particular dilemma than having a playset in our backyard. 

Just picture it: a beautiful afternoon sharing at the picnic table with your family while the kids are having fun monkeying around the playset that you have put there. Happy childhoods are created this way. 

If you are looking for a fun and safe way to provide this kind of environment for your children, having a wooden outdoor playset will bring you and your children countless hours of joy. 

But why choose wood over metal or plastic?

The answer is very simple: a wooden playset offers a world of possibilities. 

Contrary to what may appear, wood is a very safe and convenient material for outdoor playsets. It has an advantage over other materials like metal because it will not decay due to weather conditions —like that nasty rust that can end the fun—. More So than that, a wooden swing set or playground is more aesthetic than a metal one; this finally means that you will entertain your children without breaking the decor of your house. 

At Spimbey, we have all you need when it comes to stylish but safe wooden playsets. We pride ourselves to defend fun with a shield of safety. 

Our products are not only as safe as they can be, but they are also stylish and durable. Forget about loud colors.

With our easy assembly models, you will be able to put together an amazing playset so your kids can benefit from all their features. 

Shop today on our website and contact our team if you have any doubts. We want you to feel comfortable when opening the door to your backyard.

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