Not Teaching Kids to Share: Is Probably a Bad Idea.

Teaching our kids to share is a critical component in their social-emotional development process. Not only sharing with others is something deeply human and beautiful, but understanding that we live in a world where others live can help us to become better persons.

Now, for children to share their things with others, we must create the proper environment; one where we are able to explain the concepts of sharing and giving and, at the same time, avoid any forced sharing.

Children learn better when you explain carefully to them the reasons why or the benefits behind doing something. It is true that not teaching kids to share is probably a bad idea, but an even worse is to force them to do something they do not want to do.

So, how can you promote this habit and have your children have a more open mind about sharing with others? We have some quick and easy tips for you to follow. Let us get right into them!

Have a set of “special toys”

This is a classic hack that can help you nurture the habit of sharing. As we already established, for kids to share, we need to create an environment where they feel comfortable.
If the goal is for your children to share their toys, you can gather all the toys they have and make them select just a few of them. Those would be the “special toys”; toys they gladly share with others. Remember: don’t force the child; let them take the first step, and they will slowly develop the habit by themselves.

Set up playdates.

Playdates will definitely come in handy if you want to encourage your child the idea of sharing. Social situations and interactions face us with the concept of “others”. They are there, and we have to live with that and make the most out of the situation.

For that reason, a playdate can be an excellent idea. Just make sure to establish some ground rules before the playdate begins. Have the “special toys” at sight and use them to promote a healthy exchange between the children.

Spimbey is the perfect ally for any playdate. Our playgrounds will allow the children to have many opportunities to be creative and collaborate with one another.

Spimbey is the ally of fun, and we love to promote values that make the world a more kind and beautiful place for our children to live.

Teach them about the reasons why.

Teaching children something will always be easier if we explain things to them in detail. Sometimes, as adults, we tend to think that our children cannot really grasp the meaning of things. Therefore, we do not bother to explain things to them.
Teach them about delayed gratification.

Yes, you are now sharing your toys and that may be unpleasant, but if you do this now, you will later have a friend, and that is more important.

Use positive reinforcement.

Once you explain the importance of sharing to your children, reward and congratulate them every time they positively display this behavior. This is an old-time classic hack that keeps providing results when it comes to fostering certain behaviors in our children.

And you? How do you promote the idea of sharing with your children? Have some experiences you would like to share? Do it in the comment section! We love when our Spimbers share with us their journey!

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