Morning Exercise for Kids: 3 Things To Know.

Exercise is good for adults and kids alike. It helps us stay fit and healthy, and it can help us boost our cognitive abilities. Morning exercise for kids is a way to help them prepare for the challenges ahead later in the day.

Children need physical activity to develop properly and efficiently. Even though children tend to be way more active than adults, in a time when bright screens seem to be dominating the world, it can become a challenge for them to get the physical activity they need.

How can children benefit from exercise?

When children engage in physical activity, they not only boost their immune system but also their brain’s cognitive capacity.
Scientific studies from the past decade support the importance of exercise for children. In this particular study, the researchers found some of the following highlights:

  • “Physical activity is an effective method of capitalizing on brain plasticity.”

  • “Physical activity improves cognitive function through a host of different pathways.”

  • “Increasing physical activity and fitness is a promising approach to enhance brain and cognition in children and older adults.”

From those bullet points, we can ascertain the crucial role of exercise in both adults and children.

Have you ever noticed how sharp you feel after a good session of your favorite exercise routine?

That is because exercise also releases endorphins and oxygen to our brains.
Morning exercise for kids is a great way to jumpstart the day and prepare their little brains to receive knowledge from the world.

How can I encourage my children to do physical activity?

Children usually learn by watching and copying, meaning that if they see you being physically active, they will likely follow your example.

However, here are some recommendations you can follow.

  • Establish a routine: if morning exercise is the goal, practice doing it every day at the same time. We are creatures of habits; if we want our children to develop a taste for exercise, we must commit to that with them.

  • Have some playground equipment at home: few things sound more awesome than a quick play session before school on the swing set in the backyard. Excercise for children does not have to be a specific activity but something to have move around and use their bodies.

  • Join them: the times we live on sometimes make this type of recommendation hard to follow, and yet if we commit alongside them in a little morning exercise routine, we can bond with our children while doing something good for our bodies.

  • Throw some games to make it fun: everything is better with games on it. Jumping rope or Jumping Jacks can become a fun game to play if we put some extra spice on them.

What is the best morning exercise for kids?

As usual, there is no single or simple answer to that question. It all comes down to the time available and the preferences and personalities of our children.

Nonetheless, here are some of our recommendations to kickstart the morning with great attitude and joy:

  • Jumping rope: if your child is extremely active, jumping rope is the perfect activity for the morning.

  • Yoga: more suited for calm children. Overall, yoga has great health and phycological benefits.

  • Dancing: if you ever hit the dancefloor, you know how physically demanding it can be. Put some music and light up the living room. This is a perfect activity for those lazy weekend afternoons.

  • Skating: another perfect morning exercise for kids. Skating promotes the use of the entire body while enhancing balance and eye depth.

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