Making the Best Road Trip Snacks for Kids.

Going on a road trip with your children is a great idea for the family to spend quality time together. Now, family road trips are awesome, but traveling with kids can be a bit dramatic if one is not up to the challenge.

Travel snacks are a must. You cannot jump into the road without having snack bags to kill that mid-of-the-journey hunger that makes everybody go crazy.

Snacks can be tricky. You want to avoid junk food as must as you can and instead provide your children with some healthy road trip snacks. You can keep it healthy and delicious at the same time. We are here with some road trip snacks for kids ideas to hit the road and keep everybody eating healthy and tasty.

How to do such a thing? Some basic tips.

The typical snack options in the grocery store are loaded with saturated fat, many kinds of oil, and not enough protein. So, making healthy snacks for the road is about balance and having everything in moderation.

Follow these simple steps to create the perfect balance.

  • Make sure to add enough protein to the snack. Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese, and even jerky are great options to pack the snack with lots of protein.

  • Avoid using an excessive amount of sugar when making snacks.

  • Use natural ingredients over highly processed. Instead of using regular peanut butter, you can try the more organic version of it. The macros will remain the same, but the ingredients will be of a much higher quality.

  • Don’t forget about packing some fruits. Fruits will add tons of flavor to any snack while keeping it super healthy for your children.

  • Do not be afraid of using artificial sweeteners. You can use monk fruit or stevia if you prefer to avoid sucralose.

Best ideas for road trip snacks.

Now, if you are on the road with your kids, a roasted chicken is obviously not the best idea for a quick and easy snack. You are looking for convenience, something that your kids love but also that is easy to carry and store. We do not want any extra mess.

  • Granola bars.

This is a classic yet very tasty road trip snack that is also especially easy to prepare. The best part about granola bars is that you can do it with almost anything.

We love mixing oatmeal with some almonds or peanuts, and little cholate chips. You can use sugar-free maple syrup or honey to combine the ingredients.

But if you are not a fan of any of those ingredients, you can come up with your mixtures and have your children helping you while making them. You will be having fun even before hitting the road.

  • Trail mix.

Easy to create and pack. Throw some dried fruits, dry cereal, and any type of nuts you or your children like the most. You can add some rock and roll to the mix with chocolate chips or little pieces of crackers.

  • Greek yogurt ice cream bars.

A good road trip has a cooler on the list of necessities. You can pack ice cream made with natural fruit and greek yogurt to keep it fresh and delicious at the same time. They are super easy to make and will provide tons of protein and good nutrients to your children.

Tip: you can put some frozen water bottles inside the cooler to help keep the ice cream bars at an optimal temperature. That way you can enjoy them later on the road.

  • Fruit bowls.

This is one of those great ideas that will not let you down. A fruit bowl is an amazing snack that will satisfy any appetite while providing lots of vitamins and important micro-nutrients to our children’s diets.

Some fruits are more suited to the road than others. Chose fruits like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, or pineapple. Avoid watery fruits like watermelon and soft fruits like bananas. They will not survive much inside the bowl and probably get soggy at some point.

At Spimbey, we care about all the aspects of child development. We know the headaches parents suffer when looking for healthy options to feed their children.

You can keep it simple, delicious, and easy at the same time.
Do you have any other snack ideas you would like to add to this list? Leave us a comment below! We love to hear from our Spimbey community.

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