Kids swing sets are a safe bet

If you are thinking about how you can ensure years and years of fun for your children, kids’ swing sets are always a safe bet. Few things can compare to the feeling you get when you are hanging in the air and come back closer to the ground —even as adults, we tend to like this feeling—. 

Also, kids’ swing sets are a marvelous way to invite children out in the open where they can benefit from physical activity and keep their minds out of the PC or any other type of tech device. 


However, when deciding on buying a swing set, we have to be sure we are making the right purchase; otherwise, safety and other concerns can become an actual problem down the road. 


Materials and installation are a major concern.

One of the many benefits of having kids swing sets at home is that it will allow creating beautiful memories with your children since they are babies up to the time it is no longer cool —for them— to play on a swing set. Nevertheless, for that to happen, we must make the right choice when it comes to materials. 

At Spimbey, we produce all our playhouses and swing sets with the most high-quality wood, always complying with the highest safety standards. Even though wood might seem like a strange material when we talk about kids’ swing sets, the truth is that it offers many benefits, being one that it will not rust or deteriorate over time in comparison with aluminum or metal.

Moreso, one of the perks of having a Spimbey swing set is that it comes with three complete positions that you can customize according to the different ages that your children have, encouraging an environment of sharing and giving. We offer several types of swing seats and even a trapeze bar with triangle handles! —that if you won the lottery with a more adventurous type of kid—.

The assembly is usually the worst part. It is like a big wall that comes between you and the good times you want to offer to your children, and sure, there is a lot of services or people that can do the assembly for you, but where is the fun in that? There is nothing like the sensation of achieving something using your bare hands. 

Well, now with Spimbey, you will be able to presume to your other parent friends about your abilities in construction because all of our products, including the kids swing sets, are easy assembly and they do not take more than an hour to complete —it is okay, nobody has to now, and we won’t tell them—.

It does not have to be only kids swing sets. 

Sure, a swing set is incredibly on its own, but why stop there when you can have all measures of fun in one place? One of the reasons parents are scared when buying this type of structure is that they usually serve one purpose. At the end of the day, you will end up whit a large structure that can easily fall into disuse —and there are fewer things more terrible than that—. 

Kids get distracted without even trying it: that is just the way things are. Their little minds are always wondering, thinking about millions of things and possibilities. Even with a swing set available, they can get bored of playing with it because they are always doing the same thing.

But for every problem, there is a solution to be found. In this particular situation, we can offer you an easy way out, and is that the Spimbey kids swing set includes four ground anchors and can be either used stand-alone or attached easily to the play deck module; this basically means that a world of possibilities will be in front of you. The swing can evolve into something even more incredible and funny, with a playhouse, a slide, or a flat-rung ladder for your kids to climb into a secret location. 

At Spimbey, we safely create fun. We believe in quality over any other parameter. We’ve been there where you at now, so we know for sure that, when it comes to creating memories alongside your children, there is no better way than to play with them and share their world.

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