Kids outdoor sandpit: a fun way to discover new things

Even though we live in times where we have the most amazing tech toys and gadgets, there are still a few classics left that seem not to be affected by the pass of time. One of the most popular outdoor toys for generations has been the typical and simple sandpit.


It is truly amazing to see how something as simple as a rectangular box filled with sand can provide hours of fun and endless joy. But if we think about it for a moment, it makes perfect sense. One of the things that children love the most is outdoor activities where they can explore the world and let their imaginations fly far away. 


Besides that, as parents, it is very important that we provide an environment where children can run freely and engage in imaginative play. It is crucial for them to develop their creativity and their relationship with their environment. 


Some parents often worry about having a “dreamy” child. Some television shows have made us believe that this “type” of kid will suffer later in life and will have problems of all kinds. What they do not know is that imagination is a key component in the development of children. More than that, any functional adult is a combination of experience, imagination, and creativity. 


A wooden kids outdoor sandpit will be the perfect ally of fun.

For kids to play outside, we must create the most exciting play area, filled with things that our children will love to engage with. Fewer things serve this purpose better than the classical wooden sand pit. In them, children can become the next Indiana Jones by uncovering the secrets of the garden

They can dig out treasures from ancient times.

They can build a castle where warriors will rest after the great battle for the backyard. 


More than that, a sandpit is a great tool for children to develop hand-eye coordination since they are grabbing and digging, an activity that will require gross and fine motor skills to come to the scene. As we always emphasize on this blog, there is no such thing as just playing for kids. This is the way they have to learn and develop. Outdoor play is essential in the early years of any child. 


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If we want the sandpit to deliver all the hours of fun that it can surely provide, we need to take some actions and consider some factors. 

  • A protective cover is a must: we want our children to play and imagine things, but we do not want them to insolate. Let’s not take too far; it is not a desert. A protective cover will prevent the sand from getting too hot and will also protect our kids from the sun. 
  • Safe play is always the best kind: safety concerns are a constant theme for us. Make sure the wooden sandpit does not have any sharp edges and that it has the right amount of sand on it. 
  • Choose natural over synthetic: if you are thinking about adding a wooden sandpit to your arsenal of fun, make sure to build it or buy it made out of real, natural wood and not some fake thing that will not endure the pass of time. 

At Spimbey, we create fun in the safest way. Wooden kids outdoor sandpits are just one of the many things you will find featured in our playgrounds that are filled with all the fun your child will ever need. 


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