Kids and exercise equipment: what to look for

Kids and exercise equipment: For kids, physical activity is a really important deal. Kids tend to have a lot more energy than adults —why lord?—, this is why you see them running around all the time until they don´t. It is crucial for them to drain all that energy in order to be healthy both physically and mentally.


Moreso, fitness exercise is a key component in the development of a child. Through physical activity, children learn how their bodies work; they develop gross motor skills while strengthening hand-eye coordination, which is a key component for other aspects of development. 


In addition to that, children need to exercise to have a good balanced body mass index (BMR). Our bodies are very complex structures, not easy to carry. 


For toddlers and young children, walking and running are particularly hard activities to do because of the natural imbalance that our bodies have. If we add to that equation a child with obesity or overweight, the consequences can be detrimental to the development of crucial motor skills. 

How can we add kid’s exercise equipment to our home?

In the world of training equipment for children, the possibilities are almost infinite. You can find things like a little bench press set to a punching bag. You can literally have a whole gym set for kids and have them training as if they were about to compete in the Mr. Omlypia.


Even though that type of equipment is extremely useful, there are other simpler options you can take to provide your children with exercise equipment so they can benefit from all the goods of fitness activity. Let us check out some of those options:

Outdoor playgrounds.

Playgrounds are a fantastic option to encourage children to do physical activity. A playground is an entertainment center all by itself but, you can add other twists like obstacles courses to make it even more appealing and challenging.


Furthermore, playgrounds can be useful for other types of activities like camping or play pretend situations.  


As we love to say here at Spimbey: a playground is a game away from a Castle.

 Swing sets and trapeze bars. Kids and exercise equipment

Let us face it: swing sets are cool. 

A piece of classic play equipment that never gets old never goes out of fashion. Beyond that, swing sets are extremely useful to enhance fine motor skills like grabbing.


Some swing sets —like the ones you find at Spimbey— allow you to add a trapeze bar to the structure, which will further increase the fun while helping your kids to gain more strength in their cores and arms.


Climbing walls.

Kids exercise their arms and legs with this type of equipment while also enhancing the coordination of their bodies. Climbing is not an easy activity to do, but for kids can be highly positive when done with the right equipment.


Gross and fine motor skills come into play while using a climbing wall. Make sure to have one made with solid materials to eliminate the risk and fear factors from the equation. 


If you are looking to encourage your kids to do a physical activity you have come to the right place. 


Spimbey is the place where fun and safe meets. One of the great features of our products is that you can incorporate them all into one gigantic set of fun. 

You can have it all!

Climbing wall and a playground? Sure!

What about a slide? Nothing is impossible with us.


Our wooden swing sets and playgrounds will deliver hours of fun to your children while making them take part in fitness activities. 


Spimbey got your back. Always.

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