How to Throw the Perfect Playground Birthday Party.

Hosting a party for your children in your backyard can be extremely fun…or a complete disaster. If you do not want things to go sideways in your playground party, you have to plan ahead to avoid any inconvenience.

Mixing outdoor play with birthday cake and candy can result in lots of children with tons of energy to expend. We have some recommendations for you to follow a throw the perfect playground birthday party.

Let us make room for the lead part: the playground.

Having a playground at home is one of the best ways to secure tons of fun for your children. In this birthday party scenario, your child´s friends will love to have the possibility to play around the playground, but let us take some measures first:

  • Safety comes first. Always: Make sure to check the status of the playground and the playground surface material to see if everything is in order. Your backyard playground is used to hosting your children and maybe one or two more. Before having more children than usual playing on the structure, make sure all the safety measures are up to date.

  • Establish some basic rules: no running or jumping inside the playground. Have them take turns to use the different features of the playground like the slide or the swing set. This will prevent conflict and other nasty business.

  • Have a list of crazy fun activities to do in the playground: you can add a little extra spice to the birthday afternoon with some games. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, don’t you worry, we got you covered. Click here and read some of the great activities you can do around the playground.

  • No eating in the playground: not only because it will be a complete nightmare to clean that up but because children are messy, and having food on the surfaces of the playground can lead to accidents that nobody wants.

  • Decorate the playground: if the birthday party has a theme, or even if it does not, decorating the playground is an excellent idea to add some extra good vibes to the overall scenario. And let us face it, every opportunity we have to decorate something we will take it. If you have one of the wooden modular playsets from Spimbey, you are already halfway there to make everything look sharp.

The party food.

They say that what people remember the most about social gatherings is the food. Finger food is always a great, convenient, and cost-efficient way to provide some delicious treats to your guests.

Ideally, you should have some food for the adults and some for the children. Here we found some great recipes you can follow for great finger food in the adults’ department.

Now, when it comes to children, there are a few things we should have in mind:

  • Careful with the excess of sweets: there is a birthday cake already, and probably some other delicious treats. There is no need to add even more. Too much sweet can cause a stomachache and other digestive problems.

  • There are ways to keep children’s snacks healthy and delicious: We are not saying that you should serve zucchini with chicken to the kids, but there are other ways to create great snacks. Here we share some insights on how to create a great healthy snack for your children.

  • Involve your children in the process: after all, it is their birthday party. Ask your children what they would like to eat that day; if there is something that their friends like the most; or if they would like to cook with you some of the food.

Whether you decide to throw the party in the park or your backyard, this checklist will help you to create the perfect experience.
Children and adults alike usually had fond memories from birthday parties. These are days when all the people who love you gather around to celebrate your life, and that is something beautiful.

At Spimbey, we would love to be a part of those special moments in the life of children.

Connect with us today and see all the options we have for your backyard playground.

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