How to prevent rust on playground equipment?

Prevent Rust on Playground Equipment: Rust definitely is a nasty thing. Once it appears it is already too late. Iron oxidation usually comes due to long exposure to water and oxygen. The clearest sign of rust is the orange and brown spots that will appear alongside the metal structure. 

Nothing good ever starts with rust, but when we are talking about playground equipment, all the alarms begin to sound. Rust is, more than anything, a clear sign of decomposition. This basically means that the metal is beginning to crumble within itself, which can later lead to a failure in the whole structure. 

Having your kids playing on rusty playground equipment will put them at risk of falling and suffering serious injuries, and that is a hard no for any parent. Furthermore, rust can be toxic for a child if their eyes or mouth are in direct contact whit it. 

But, how can we prevent rust from forming or appearing in the playground of our children? Well, since we are concerned parents ourselves, we have come up with a simple list of tips that you can apply from now on to prevent this.

Preventative measures:

  • Use a special type of paint: prevention is the way to go to prevent oxidation and rust in the swing set or any type of playground equipment. You can find several options on the market for metal polymer paints that will give an extra layer of protection to the playset. However, you must do this in the early years of the playground set otherwise, it will not make much of a difference to stop rust from spreading to other parts. 
  • Galvanized versions will be your allies: to be honest, this should be the first step on preventing rust, but there is the detail regarding money. Galvanized versions of metal are usually more expensive because the manufacturing process is different and takes longer to produce. But if you can afford it, you should go for one of these versions when buying playground equipment. 
  • Place the playground in a more sheltered location: we know this can be tricky. It is not like we have ten different areas in our house where we can put something like a swing set, but we can try to put it under a ceiling of some kind so rain won’t affect the structure.  

We all need to prevent rust on playground equipment

As you can see, having metal playground equipment can be a complete nightmare, not to mention the fact that this material can heat up a lot —and when we say a lot, we mean it— and cause little burns to our children. The final and most important suggestion we have for you is: do not buy a metal playset for your garden. 

Metal playgrounds are ok for public parks, but if you are planning to acquire one for your house, wood is the way to go. It might seem a weird choice, but, in reality, it is a fantastic choice. Wood will give you something less to worry about so you can focus all your attention on having fun with your children.

Spimbey offers you the possibility of having a beautiful wooden playground combined with the safety that metal structures provide. 

The fun will not stop because of rust —or termites—. We will never take anything for granted when it comes to safety, so you can rest assured that when going with Spimbey, you will bring years of fun to your children. 

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