How can you know which are the Best Sports for Kids?

Playing a sport in one of those activities will definitely bring a lot of benefits to your children. Physical activities are a must for children of all ages. It helps them with the development of motor skills while also boosting the immune system of our children.

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Now, we are all familiar with popular sports such as baseball-softball, football, basketball, and even soccer, which is gaining a lot of popularity among children from a young age. These are the classic school sports that children can play throughout the whole school journey, from elementary up until high school.

Now, are these the best sports for kids?
How can you know which one is a better fit for your children and your lifestyle?

As usual, there is no black and white type of answer for those questions, but let us find out more about some of the benefits of the different types of sports for kids to play.

Team sports

We already mentioned some of the most popular team sports for children. What are some of the benefits they bring along for our kids?

Usually being a part team means that you have to deal with different opinions and ways to do things. This kind of exchange is good to build and enhance social skills, which are a crucial component in the emotional development of young children.

Being involved in sports like Basketball, Volleyball, and so on is also a great way to promote leadership skills. Some children are more naturally drawn to show themselves and lead others to achieve a common goal. If your children have these kinds of inclinations, a team sport will be the best that will ever happen to them.

Now, does this mean that if you have an introverted child, you should avoid participation in sports that involves lots of people?

Absolutely no. It all comes down to the things your children are drawn to the most. If they like Basketball or Soccer, you should not be afraid to expose them to those sports activities. After all, they will benefit from them anyway.

However, if your child prefers to spend time alone with their thoughts, maybe an individual kind of sport will be the better fit.

Individual sports

Tennis, inline skating, snowboarding are among the many options you can find for individual sports.

These activities are a great tool to develop self-confidence. More than that, individual sports are great for keeping yourself accountable. They are not only you vs the other person. It is also you vs you.

Individual sports push your limits and face you with your fear and insecurities. Team sports also do this to a certain extent however, since you are a part of a group, ultimately you can find strength in other members of the team.

Other individual sports like martial arts are great to teach about discipline, commitment, and lifestyle. Often parents run away from martial arts because of the “violence component” in them, but we can tell you they are more than just throwing punches and kicks.

Martial arts are all about lifestyle and self-discipline. They are not about hurting people but about connecting yourself to your body and using it as an instrument.

Depending on the personality and inclinations of your children, some individual spots will be a better fit than others. What we can tell for sure is that no matter which one you chose, your children will benefit from them one way or another.

The takeaways

  • There is no such thing as sports ranked from best to worst. They all bring benefits and help our children.

  • The selection process should be driven by our children’s interests rather than what is “popular”.

  • Discipline, leadership, and social skills are inherent to all kinds of sports, and they are valuable skills every child should acquire somehow.

  • No matter which sport you ended up choosing for your children, make sure to do regular checks to find out if they are enjoying the process. Otherwise, the efforts will be futile. Sports should be fun and a delight, not torture.

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